Couple being intimate during time of coronavirus

Sex during the time of coronavirus

With all the advisories about social distancing to prevent you from getting COVID-19, our sexual health expert answers your questions and advises on how...
Dog listening to podcasts with headphones on

Podcasts: everything you need to know plus awesome podcasts to add to your playlist

Podcasts (audio programmes) might not be new, but they could be new for you. There are thousands of podcasts to listen to that cover...
Parent confused about the Tik Tok app

Clueless about TikTok? Here’s what you need to know

What on earth is TikTok, and why are there more than half a billion TikTok users worldwide? Your little ones might be years away from...
Lou Harvey smiling with pink background

Mompreneur making it: interview with Lou Harvey

She designs distinctive bags, exports her products around the world, and is mom to a teen and preschooler. Mompreneur Lou Harvey of Lou Harvey...
Happy girl smiling on a swing

Your best ideas to make a difference to someone’s life

It’s a tough time at the moment, and while it’s important to take care of ourselves, our kindness towards others makes a huge difference....
Heart drawn on skin in sunscreen

15 must-have beauty products under R100!

From mascara to face cleanser, we’ve rounded up some affordable and sensational beauty products. Here’s what we’re loving… 1. Essence Lash Princess Mascara, R69.95 There are several...
Dr Seuss Cat In The Hat with books

The best Dr. Seuss quotes to celebrate his birthday

Today was the 116th anniversary of Dr. Seuss’ birthday and there are not many other books that make us laugh, think and get tongue...
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The ultimate high-tech products for parents

We love how technology helps parents, especially when it comes to everyone’s comfort and safety. These are a few of our favourite picks …...
Pregnant mom doing yoga on floor

Preggy fit: keeping fit during pregnancy & beyond

The idea of growing a human being for nine months can seem like a workout in itself. All the changes women go through to...
Husband and wife with low libido on bed

“Not tonight, I have a headache” – ways to get over no libido

“Not tonight baby, I have a headache”. “Not tonight, I am tired”. “Not tonight…not tonight”. Low libido is a very common sexual concern and something...