Range of beauty products

Must-haves for your party night makeup bag

November is filled with so much excitement and anticipation as we prepare to say farewell to the past and hello to the new. Long...
Black Friday specials with confetti

Black Friday specials

You’d have to have been living under a rock not to know that this Friday is Black Friday. But just in case you’ve been...
Coffee Monster App icon

Coffee that comes to you … an app that moms have been waiting for

When you need your coffee fix, you need your coffee fix, and a new app is allowing you to get a cuppa without the...
Antibiotic pills and capsules flying around

What are antibiotics, how do they work & when do we use them?

Imagine you were alive 100 years ago. A simple papercut could turn into septicaemia and cost you your hand or your life. An STD...
Mother walking in Johannesburg with her daughter

Mothers in motion: mums navigate cities with their kids’ needs in mind

Portia* lives in Diepsloot, a poor settlement composed largely of informal dwellings in Johannesburg, South Africa and works in upmarket Sandton as a domestic...
Parents practicing CPR on infant doll

How CPR saves lives

Knowing CPR can save someone’s life. The 4th to 10th November is National CPR Week, so we asked our expert to explain what CPR...
Husband and wife fighting over household chores

There’s no need for “gender wars” when it comes to household chores

In most modern households, domestic tasks are no longer the remit of the fairer sex, but rather a shared responsibility of all members of...
Beautiful mom putting foundation under her eye

Feel great in an instant: Beauty hacks for busy moms

We get it. You’re time-strapped, probably tired and, if you’re a new mom, you might not have all the time in the world to...
Blue bristle toothbrush with blue toothpaste

How to care for your teeth, naturally

While brushing will always be first and foremost when it comes to taking good care of our teeth, there are other ways to boost...
Power generator for industrial use

Are you thinking about getting a generator? This is what you need to know

With load shedding top of mind (although we wish it was out of mind), more and more consumers will be looking at alternative methods...