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A guide to understanding leukaemia

World Cancer Day was on 4 February. In South Africa, it is believed that at least one in four individuals are affected by some...

Why screen time for babies, children & adolescents needs to be limited

There is increasing concern about the amount of time children and adolescents are spending in recreational screen time. There’s also increasing controversy over whether...

Intimacy: You, me & us

Intimacy is not something parents usually visit the paediatrician about. Having said this, we deal with the “product” of intimacy and have a very...

BodyTalk your way to health!

Pose the question to people “How do you really feel?” and you’re bound to receive a flurry of replies, such as “I am always...

Can’t keep your New Year’s resolutions? Try being kind to yourself

Many of us will start out the New Year by making a list of resolutions – changes we want to make to be happier...

Curious Kids: Should I be scared of lightning?

Curious Kids is a series for children in which we ask experts to answer questions from kids. Should I be scared of lightning? (Callan, 10,...

9 back-to-school lunch box ideas

Lunch boxes provide children with at least a third of their daily intake of energy for the day, as well as the energy required...

Lose yourself in a great book

Lose yourself in fabulous reads this year! Read about the inspiring, uplifting story of a woman changing the world with The Good Fight; discover...

Survey sheds light on weird allergies that affect South Africans

It’s hay fever season – the time of year when nature releases gazillions of microscopic pollen spores into the atmosphere, but while springtime has...

5 exciting sandwich ideas for lunch

From lunchbox snacks to weekend treats, make lunch a lot more exciting with the following bread and sandwich square recipes. Chicken & Tomato Sandwich Squares Chicken...