Border collie running in field with toy

30 things to LOVE about the lockdown (seriously!)

When we hear the word “lockdown”, an audible groan escapes many of our lips. It might have become a regular part of our vocab,...
Nutella banana loaf on board with knife

Best, best, best Nutella banana loaf!

Banana loaves were all the rage a few weeks ago. We had ripe bananas, flour, some time on our hands, and a desire for...
Jan Kohler, author of Pink Gin and Fairy Cakes

Meet an incredible mompreneur who cooked to success

Jan Kohler grew up in a small mining town in the North West province and lived a happy, care-free childhood there. With four children...
Bowl of delicious spicy butternut soup

Best easy soup recipes to warm up to

Lockdown has brought out the inner chef in many of us, and as we feel a distinct nip in the air, why not try...
Psychologist conducting virtual therapy session from home

Virtual therapy in the season of COVID-19

The nationwide lockdown has left us having to resort to alternative ways of accessing services we were used to experiencing in person. From online...
Young child cutting cookie dough with mother

The only butter cookie recipe you’ll ever need

Bread, banana loaf and biscuits… this is what I’ve been making with my kids over the last few weeks (I also jokingly refer to...
Bored preschooler boy lazing on brown couch

How to stop your kids from being couch potatoes during lockdown

Lockdown is upon us. Indoor trampoline parks are a no-go. Zipline courses, too. And our kids’ unspent energy is building up like a ticking...
Baked banana bread slices on counter

Best banana bread recipe

Everywhere on my timeline, people are baking banana bread. It’s become the “in” lockdown thing to bake – it could be that we have...
Little girl kissed on cheek by mom

How to take better family pictures with your phone

You’re probably with your kids 24/7 during lockdown, which makes this a brilliant time to improve your photography. You don’t need a fancy camera...
Mom with beauty face mask for self-care

How to take care of YOU during the coronavirus

Mamas, when was the last time you did something awesome for yourself? You’re likely worried about the world and taking care of everyone and...