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The value of exercise

As a paediatrician, I am disturbed by the new terms being used in reference to young children. These include such things as digital dementia,...

6 tips to eco-friendly cooking in Winter

With the arrival of Winter, many of us will be changing the type of meals we prepare, with both the weather and the seasonality...

Pink tax for kids’ items

Forget the gender pay gap, what about the gender price gap? While we’re all too familiar with the higher costs of some women’s products...

If my measles shot was years ago, am I still protected? 5 questions answered

As the measles outbreaks spread, many people are growing concerned. New York City declared a public health emergency and mandated vaccinations in four ZIP...

Understanding car insurance

Motor vehicle insurance has been described as a necessary evil – even if you pay cash for a motor vehicle and you are the...

No one really knows the long-term effects of vaping

Today is World No Tobacco Day, so we thought we’d take a look at vaping, which has been hailed as the answer for smokers....

Sex as a new mom

Being Mother’s Month, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about the sexual aspects of motherhood – and if this is even possible! Before...

How easy access to alcohol, & adverts, affect women in South Africa

Public health research suggests that concerns about alcohol advertising and accessibility warrant strong regulatory action. Alcohol is a major contributor to the global burden of...

What you need to know about signing up to a medical aid

Deciding on the right medical aid can be extremely confusing. Not only are there more benefit options that you can shake a stick at,...

Multi-masking tips for Winter skincare

I think it’s safe to say that Winter has most definitely arrived, albeit a bit premature, but she’s definitely not holding back. If the...