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Self-care is part of being a good parent. We have wellness, wellbeing and health tips so that you can be the best version of yourself.

When to have sex after giving birth

When to have sex after birth (it’s not what you think)

Sex is the one topic that isn’t about the baby, but it's something that many new parents spend too much time worrying about. “How soon...
stethoscope and a tablet with the word endometriosis on it

What is endometriosis & how does it affect fertility?

Endometriosis is one of the most common chronic gynaecological disorders, affecting an estimated 10% of women in the reproductive age group (usually 15 to...

Goodbye hay fever! How to treat your kids’ seasonal allergies

This post was updated in September 2020 South Africa is emerging from an unprecedented winter where the COVID-19 epidemic has kept children away from school...
woman wearing a tank top with her arm raised and touching her armpit

Is there a link between breast cancer and your deodorant?

Breast cancer statistics are shocking, and most of us know someone who has been affected by this dreaded disease. During Breast Cancer Awareness month,...

How to do a breast self-examination & why it’s so important

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among South African women, and it doesn’t discriminate. Dr Liana Roodt, specialist breast and endocrine surgeon...