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Survey sheds light on weird allergies that affect South Africans

It’s hay fever season – the time of year when nature releases gazillions of microscopic pollen spores into the atmosphere, but while springtime has...

Your right to parent your child trumps their right to online privacy

The recently launched Google Family Link is an app that allows you to monitor your children’s online activity, set perimeters and even remotely lock...

9 natural mosquito bite home remedies

There is nothing quite like the smell of summer. Freshly cut grass, the taste of juicy strawberries and pink watermelon, the sun setting later...

Dad: A son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love

Dads play such a significant role in the family unit, even though sometimes it feels like the family would do just fine without him...

Unusual conditions: MRKH syndrome, when a woman’s uterus never develops

Reaching reproductive age is an important milestone, and for women this is usually marked by their first period. But for some young women, it never...

4 ways moms can actually have a break over the holidays

With the holidays upon us, it’s time for the entire family to bond, spend time together, and catch up on much-needed rest and relaxation. But...

5 reasons kids need experiences (and not things)

Many of us are in search of a more minimalist life. We’re building capsule wardrobes, decluttering our kitchens and doing away with material objects...

10 arts & crafts activities for the holidays

Holidays are upon us and there are myriad fun and exciting activities that you do at home with your little ones. There is no...

Enjoy water, play safe: The NSRI’s safety tips for the summer holidays

Summer school holidays are around the corner and Sea Rescue South Africa (NSRI) wants to get the message of beach safety out to those...

What to do if your tot needs CPR

Whether your children are playing in the backyard or you are having a party or playdate, a parent should always be on the alert...