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Cute multi-coloured toy giraffe

How to choose safe kids’ toys for Christmas & beyond

That stuffed bear might look cute, or your toddler might be throwing a tantrum for another plastic truck, but before you splash out or...
Cute baby posing in Christmas outfit

Posing for the perfect first Christmas photo

“Christmas!” I exclaimed. “Photoshoot!” “Albuquerque! Schnitzel!” Himself called back. After a long pause, he asked, “Why are we yelling out random words?” “No.” “Nice try,” I answered....
Toddlers playing outside under the sprinkler

Surviving a staycation with toddlers & young children

To most people, a holiday is the most fantastic time of the year. They sit at the office counting off the last days until...
Happy baby laughing with his nanny

How to choose a caregiver for your child – and get peace of mind

Birth planning occupies most of our thinking when we are pregnant. Then our baby is born and breastfeeding hits us, and just as we...
Preschooler hugging a teddy bear tightly

7 safety tips to teach your child

As a parent, you want to teach your kids how to be safe when you’re not around. You may have heard the saying, “safety...

Is it really necessary to plan a fancy birthday party for your child?

It was warm and windy in that particular Cape Town summer way, and my pregnant wife and I were rushing to a surprisingly important...
Blue and pink cakes representing gender

When do children develop their gender identity?

Gender is generally thought of as a stable trait: we are born male or female and we stay that way as we grow from...
Young girl looking at dog with scared expression

Understanding childhood phobias & fears

All children have fears in their lives, but some are very serious and can be debilitating. Here we explain the difference between fears and...
Candy left over from Halloween trick or treating

Surviving the post-Halloween candy fest

It’s 9pm and the kids have finally passed out in sugar-induced comas after a successful night of trick or treating – and by successful, I...
Happy family smiling while bring active

Fun activities the whole family will enjoy

A family that plays together stays together! Play is more than just children having fun; it allows children to use their creativity to develop...