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dna strands on black background

Genetic testing offers new possibilities for a healthier life

In-depth insights into your individual genetic makeup will offer you new possibilities for a healthier life. Armed with an analysis of your individual genetic...
minolta camera lens on desk

5 tips for taking photos with your baby

Every mama wants to capture special memories with their little ones (they grow up so quickly) so you book the photographer, settle on a...
happy family taking a selfie on the bonnet of a car before they go on their road trip with their children

Road-tripping with young children

I noticed some unavoidable issues that come up with every trip we take. Whether by car or plane, the following five things always find...
nola mayonnaise chocolate cake

Mayonnaise chocolate cake

What? You didn’t know you could bake a chocolate cake with mayonnaise? Well now you do and trust us, it’s delicious. Put your doubts...
drawing of young girls looking at her smartphone

How the smartphone affected an entire generation of kids

New research is putting the first generation of kids to grow up with the smartphone into sharp relief. Olga Tropinina Jean Twenge, San Diego State University As...
boot of car packed with holiday bags and equipment

Packing the vehicle safely for your holiday road trip

Have you thought about how your packing could affect your car’s ability to drive safely on the road? Here are some packing tips from...
marriage certificate

You are not alone

By Adv. Veerash Srikison, family law and mediation expert. You are not alone. There is a way to work through your relationships with legal support and...
young boy looking at tablet

Parenting in a digital age

By Rianette Leibowitz, guiding people on navigating their relationships in physical and virtual space, CEO at SaveTNet Cyber Safety. No image or even the most...
woman holding crossed fingers behind back lying

Lies we tell our kids

“What white lies were you told as a child or what have you told your kids?” A few weeks ago, I chatted to some other...
clever kids find way to collect and reuse rain water

Clever kids reuse rainwater to keep windscreen clean

It's an idea that could one day help save billions of litres of water. Instead of simply wiping raindrops off our car windscreens, why...