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Family holiday traditions

Festive holidays are often steeped in history and brim with tradition and ritual, but that’s not to say you can’t create a few of...
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Mediation is not for me, or is it?

By Adv. Veerash Srikison, family law and mediation expert. Contrary to the general belief, mediation does not take away access to justice, it is very...
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Burn facts and safety tips

By Arrive Alive. Since burns are recognised as one of the most painful and devastating injuries a person can sustain and survive, our second article...
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Our journey to become parents

Lianda Colquhoun and her husband Darran met eight years ago and were married in 2014. As all couples do, they discussed their possibilities of...
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Picking up where the sexual revolution left off: The orgasm gap

  Women’s sexual pleasure has not been stressed as much as men’s. Lucky Business/Shutterstock.com Laurie Mintz, University of Florida At the core of the 1960s sexual revolution was...
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When your family pet becomes a threat

Like with children, if you are a dog owner, you probably believe your doggie to be the best, sweetest, friendliest doggie in the world....
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The silent killer: Are you at risk?

Worldwide, raised blood pressure is estimated to cause 7.5 million deaths, which is about 12.8% of the total of all annual deaths. The number...
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Burns in South Africa: Who is at risk?

By Arrive Alive. By being aware of the main risk factors for childhood burns in this country, it’s possible to reduce those risks and keep...
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Are flu shots a must for everyone?

Most medical experts strongly advise getting the flu vaccine, but many people remain skeptical when it comes to their efficacy. Flu season is here and...
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You, me & baby makes three

By Dr Sumayya Ebrahim, psychologist. You and your partner may be in love and have the ideal relationship – and you may think that both...