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Innocent until proven guilty – let’s talk about mum guilt

According to the Mariam Webster online dictionary, the definition of guilt is the following: the fact of having committed a breach of conduct especially...

From peaceful coexistence to potential peril: The bacteria that live in and on us

Bacteria are everywhere, including in and on our bodies. There are estimated to be as many bacteria in a human body as there are...

9 FAQs about children’s eye testing

Inge Loubser, our expert optometrist shares some of the most frequently asked questions by parents. 1. Can watching too much television or playing on a...

Introducing your dog to your new baby

Pregnancy is such an exciting time and one full of changes – for everyone! Very often, we forget what a massive transition it is...

Intimacy: You, me & us

Intimacy is not something parents usually visit the paediatrician about. Having said this, we deal with the “product” of intimacy and have a very...

Spanking your child in 2019

At the moment, in South Africa, parents are allowed to spank their children as long as it falls under ‘reasonable chastisement’ therefore justifying corporal...

The five best parenting books grounded in science: An expert’s choice

New parenting books seem to pop up all the time. How to do it the French way, the Tiger Mom way, the New Kid...

17 ways to raise confident kids

In our home, there is no such thing as “I can’t.’’ It is important that children know that they can do anything if they...

Should parents ask their children to apologise?

Have you ever felt deserving of an apology and been upset when you didn’t get one? Have you ever found it hard to deliver...

Reward or punishment: Finding the best match for your child’s personality

One of the more frustrating assumptions in the mix of modern parenting advice is the “tabula rasa” idea that all kids are born as...