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Obese child playing video games on couch

Obesity in children: tips for parents

Thanks to our hyper-connected world, parents are more aware than ever before about the rising rates of obesity, taboo ingredients in our food and...
Parents teaching online safety to their children

Are you worried about your child’s online safety?

A whopping 84% of parents worldwide are worried about their kids’ online safety, according to the latest survey* commissioned by Kaspersky and conducted by...
Small boy rubbing his eyes due to allergies

What triggers eye allergies & what you can do to treat them

While it’s a beautiful blossom-filled season for most, spring is also the time of year that allergy sufferers dread. “Seasonal allergic conjunctivitis or eye...
Baby and mommy washing hands under running water

Good handwashing habits are essential to your hygiene

Want you and your kids to stay healthy? Wash your hands. Why? Because there are between two and 10 million bacteria lurk between fingertips...
Tweezers holding a test tube with stem cells

Supreme cells: The potency of stem cells

The ground-breaking discovery of stem cells already occurred in 1961. The discovery of the ability of stem cells to self-renew and create the highly...

5 top education trends for the next three to five years

If the education of your child is top of mind, then you may be one of the many who reacted to the Minister of...
Mom spanking her child on the bum

What the new spanking legislation actually means

Can you hit you from a place of love? In a society fraught with gender-based violence, is physically punishing your child teaching them how...
Father and son having an awkward conversation

Talking about awkward stuff with your kids

We have all had our own experience of “The Talk” to some degree. Some may have had a positive experience of this, while the...

Goodbye hay fever! How to treat your kids’ seasonal allergies

Spring has arrived in Johannesburg. The gardens are bursting with colour and the lawns are turning green after the dry highveld winter. Unfortunately, along...

How to protect your child from abduction

Most parents get chills when they hear the news that a child had been kidnapped. It is any parent’s worst nightmare, and while it...