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Calm down, but how???

Nowadays it seems so easy to “know” the right way to do things! How to eat, how to get fit, how to parent… But...

Why spanking is not an effective form of punishment

Most of us grew up in a household where spanking was the main form of discipline and we turned out fairly okay – this...

Stop the stereotypes!

I just sent my son to his first day of preschool… in pink panties. After trying very hard to convince him to wear one...

Adoption in South Africa

Following our articles on children and parents’ rights and responsibilities, we take a closer look at the rights and responsibilities that come with adoption...

Parents’ rights & responsibilities

When a person has a child, they become a parent and the law says they have to take care of and are responsible for...

The Children’s Act explained

This Act is there to help keep families together and make sure a child is cared for by family or parents, or is placed...

Cruise advice

The first time we took to the seas with the family, we had a toddler and an infant. It was chaos! Long boarding queues,...

5 things motherhood has taught me in a year

I have only been a mother for a year and a few months, but I really can’t imagine my life without our precious daughter,...

What gay fathers can teach us about feminism and parenthood

Once upon a (fairly recent) time, fathers went out to work and paid the bills while mothers stayed home to raise children and kept...

Innocent until proven guilty – let’s talk about mum guilt

According to the Mariam Webster online dictionary, the definition of guilt is the following: the fact of having committed a breach of conduct especially...