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How to treat colic in babies

Colic: how to treat your baby naturally

  Does your baby scream, cry excessively, show irritability, or have tummy distension, excessive or trapped gas, clenched fists, and facial expressions indicating pain? They...
Common penis problems in infants

Common penis problems in infants

Private parts have all sorts of names- from Willy to Ugwayi. Over the years I have heard all sorts of variations for these little...
How to treat nappy rash in babies

Nappy rash: types, causes, treatment & prevention

We all the know the saying “as soft like a baby’s bottom” but we also know that these sensitive little bottoms can be irritated,...
The importance of sensory development

How to improve your baby and toddler’s sensory development

Did you know that one of the main reasons why so many children need therapy today is because they aren’t exposed enough to the...
Breastfeeding concerns

What moms worry about breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can be tough! Although many women start off breastfeeding many drop off from doing it after six weeks. Unfortunately, the vast majority of...
When to start sleep training

Is your baby ready for sleep training?

The words “cry it out” jump into most parent’s minds when they hear the words “sleep training”, which is why I don’t like to...
Pregnant lady pushing to give birth: funny thinks women have done while in labour

The strangest things moms have done during labour

We asked moms for some of the craziest things they’ve said during labour, and we never expected such hilarious comments. Tina Goldsmid: “My pregnancy cravings...