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Best formula for colic babies in South Africa: crying baby

Best formula for colic babies South Africa: remedies & care

Would you believe that around 40% of infants aged from two weeks to three months are affected by colic? Even though infants who suffer...
vitamins during breastfeeding

Important nutrients during breastfeeding

Just as your baby’s nutrition is important, so is your own diet. Eating well during breastfeeding will help you meet your need for extra...
baby sleeping on a cloud in a bubble floating in the sky

Disney-inspired baby names for boys and girls

Naming your child “Cinderella” may seem a little ridiculous; however, Disney movies have a series of lovely and unusual names from lesser-known characters that...
mom breastfeeding her baby

12 benefits of breastfeeding for mom & baby

The World Health Organisation promotes exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of a baby’s life. We explore some of the benefits of the...