Babies & Toddlers

monochrome nursery

Tone down the nursery with monochrome

If you’ve decided to go for a gender-neutral nursery, a black-and-white colour scheme is a fantastic option. Not only will this work for boys...
mother formula feeding her baby

Breaking the silence around formula-feeding

There are a couple of things that society has come to agree upon as relates to infant nutrition: breast is best and formula manufacturers...
twins sleeping

Anthill 26: Twins

Double trouble, two peas in a pod, always together and possibly even reading each other’s minds – twins come with tonnes of stereotypes. This...
spoon with baby formula and bottle for formula feeding

Formula feeding: Best types of baby formula in South Africa

While “breast is best”, there are times when a mommy cannot breastfeed her little one for various reasons. When you have to turn to formula...
formula feeding aisle in supermarket

Why is formula feeding a baby so confusing?

Being a second-time mom, you’d think that you could just follow the same recipe that you used for your first. The same clothes, the...
bottled water to be mixed with infant formula

Can you use bottled water to mix baby formula?

One of the reasons why formula feeding is not encouraged is due to the high rate of sickness due to incorrectly mixed formula, the...
mom breastfeeding her newborn baby

Balanced nutrition and hydration for breastfeeding moms

Every mom wants to give her baby the best start in life and breastfeeding is one way of doing that. A mother’s body produces...
dad holding newborn baby

Gentle hands

Even the biggest baby is small for a grown man, so his fears about dropping or hurting his child may result in him leaving...
tired mom looking at baby that doesnt want to sleep

What to do when your baby doesn’t want to sleep

According to my mother I never slept as a baby. The way she tells it, I never even closed my eyes, not even for...
infant formula with spoon

How is formula made?

Have you ever taken a moment to consider how infant formula is made and the quality control involved? Is there more to it than...