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Hearing loss in children: Act now, here is how!

Many people believe that hearing loss affects is merely a sign of ageing but this assumption could not be further away from the truth....

How I conquered breastfeeding

We celebrated Breastfeeding Week recently and while it was beautiful seeing mothers on social media baring their breasts proudly to feed their babies, it...

7 important signs your toddler needs an eye examination

Normal vision development and good vision are closely linked to the learning process, and to developing coordination and motor skills. That’s the reason why regular eye examinations are therefore so important, even for young children in good overall health, says Inge Loubser, an optometrist at Mellins i-Style. Children with no obvious visual impairments should have...

Breastfeeding is not ‘easy’ – stop telling new mothers that it is

Not always simple, but worth it. Tomsickova Tatyana/Shutterstock Amy Brown, Swansea University It’s difficult to talk about breastfeeding in a productive way right now. On the one...

Cow’s milk protein allergy: From diagnosis to treatment

At a paediatrics conference at the University of Cape Town, world-renowned researcher Professor Yvan Vandenplas presented on the diagnosis and treatment of cow’s milk...

World Breastfeeding Week

By this time in 2017, a third of South African children under the age of six months are now exclusively breastfed, which represents a...

Uncovering the deeper secrets of every mother’s breast milk

Shutterstock Elloise du Toit, University of Cape Town Investigating the make up and composition of breast milk has been a critical part of understanding how newborn...

Role of the paediatrician in the first days of life

Following delivery of your baby and for the duration of your stay in hospital, a paediatrician will attend to your baby’s well-being. However, I...

The history of car seats & how far we’ve come!

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of going with my cousins (all of us were between the ages of six and 12) to...

What’s behind a formula tin label?

Before I get started, let me just reiterate that breast is best. We all already know this, but as I always say, there are many...