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emoji poop poo constipation to diarrhoea

Baby constipation to diarrhoea: What to do!

You know that you’re a mother or parent when you get excited about poo! From relief that your baby has a regular bowel movement...

Managing regurgitation and reflux in your baby

We all hear that breast is best, but often digestive problems such as reflux or regurgitation sneak in during the transition phase from breastfeeding...

What has happened to Nestargel?

In a discussion group of my fellow mommies, one of them asked if any of us know why Nestargel had been discontinued in South...
baby's father

A tribute to my baby’s father

With June being a month dedicated to fathers, this is a tribute to my baby’s father who has held my hand since the day...
kosher halaal formula

Kosher and halaal infant formula

For both the Jewish and Muslim faiths, there is no separation between the concept of worship and the mundane contexts of everyday life. And...
baby with colic crying

Best formula and remedies for colicky babies in South Africa

Would you believe that around 40% of infants aged from two weeks to three months are affected by colic? Even though infants who suffer...
baby formula history of formula

The history of formula

Whether because of personal choice or necessity, there are many reasons a mother may choose to formula-feed her baby – but have you ever thought...
medicine injections codeine myprodol pills-min

Codeine: You could be putting your baby at risk

By DNAlysis Did you know that common medications such as Myprodol, Mybulen, Benylin C and Sinutab could harm you, your unborn baby and your child? These...
swaddling a baby

How to swaddle your newborn baby

There is more to swaddling than just wrapping your newborn baby in a blanket. It mimics the womb, comforts and protects your baby from...
fussy baby crying

Parenting a fussy baby

By Anonymous. You will face many challenges during the first few months after having given birth but dealing with a fussy, inconsolable baby has got...