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Two toddlers playing on a tablet screen

Can too much screen time hinder a toddler’s development?

We’ve all been there – you show your two-year-old a real photograph of someone and they try to “swipe” it across. We all roll...
Newborn baby crying

Why babies cry, and how to soothe them

I recently came across a quote which I feel is very appropriate to the topic: “Because babies don’t come with owners’ manuals!” Probably one...
Mom and baby with infant formula in bottle

BabyYumYum Formula Survey 2019

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Dad changing nappy of baby with diarrhoea

Choosing the right infant formula can help with diarrhoea

“Wet wipes!” I typed a WhatsApp to my husband who was at the shops using the knuckle of my pinkie, which was the only...
Newborn baby drinking infant formula from bottle

Who funds baby formula? The short answer is not your medical aid!

When you have a hospital birth, you expect that your meals will be included in the (often astronomical) hospital bill you’ll receive. The hospital...
Children in car seats for travel safety

Car safety tips for little passengers

International Child Passenger Safety Week occurs every September, though every country selects different dates. The intention of Child Passenger Safety Week is to draw...
Stacked, chocolate and oat lactation cookies beside a glass of milk

Dr Mom’s must-have lactation cookie recipe

Homoeopath and doula, Dr Taryn Turner shares her lactation cookie recipe to help moms who worry about their breast milk supply and their baby’s...
Chinese mother lying in bed, looking down at her small baby, thinking about how to increase breast milk supply.

Got milk, mom?

Whenever I breastfed one of my four children, or returned from a lactation consult with a new mom, I’d joke to my husband that...

“I eased my baby’s constipation with magnesium”

One of the worst things for us moms is seeing our kids sick or struggle, and when my seven-month-old starting getting cramps and constipation,...

Having toddlers is not all doom & gloom!

My son is turning three in two weeks. How can it be that my youngest is already three? I remember wishing for the day...