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Parents with children sitting happily on couch

“How to deal with toddler tantrums – the best advice I ever got”

I spent last night sleeping in the toddler bed. In fact, I’ve been spending most nights in the toddler bed ever since my daughter...
Baby sleeping quietly on a blanket

Is a weighted blanket the answer to your child’s sleeping issues?

What is a weighted blanket? It’s pretty much exactly what it says. It is a blanket that is filled with something (usually plastic pellets) designed...
Dad and mom sleeping with tired baby

Sleep is overrated!

“So,” a friend recently asked, “is she a good baby?” “Um,” I hesitated. “Well, I haven’t had an in-depth conversation with her about her values...
Caring dad holding his newborn baby

How to hold your baby safely

The late Heywood Braun said, “Except that right side up is best, there is not much to learn about holding a baby…” Holding and nurturing...
Application of fluid to baby nose with nasal congestion

6 common baby ailments & how to treat them

It’s so hard when your little one isn’t well or uncomfortable, but knowing what to expect can help you to determine whether your baby...
Baby with sleep regression in her cot

Why isn’t my baby sleeping – again!

Ask any tired mom or dad, and they’ll tell you that their baby’s sleep regressions can be tough for everyone. There are many regressions...
Small baby being given medicine orally

Clever ways to give your infant medicine

Playing “medicine mom” with a tiny, wriggly infant in your arms can be challenging but you will quickly learn to tell when your infant...
Fake and illegal car seats for toddlers

Warning: Don’t be fooled by fake & illegal car seats

Fake and dangerous car seats are turning up on sales sites, and parents are urged to take care that the promises that they’re made...
Toddler child being formula fed with bottle

Must-know: how to choose a baby formula

When you’re sleep-deprived and overwhelmed – and without a good knowledge of paeds or nutrition – choosing the right formula for your infant seems...
Mom rubbing Dove cream on baby's dry skin

Baby skin: facts & falsehoods

Being a new parent is a very polarising experience. Many people don’t want to hear any of the gory details until they are well...