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4 myths about breastfeeding & getting a good night’s sleep

Breastfeeding and sleep are thought to be part of two different worlds. Many people will tell you that your child won’t be able to...

How music therapy improves the health of premature babies, & boosts parental bonding

Singing and playing music to your baby or young child may seem to be a no-brainer. We all have strong associations with nursery rhymes...

Feeding and weaning … why does everyone have an opinion?

With a chuckle, an old school friend of mine confessed that when he was a teenager he would try to destroy his best mate’s...

Surviving potty training

In the early years of parenting, life seems to revolve around constant nappy changes and cleaning up your child’s “accidents”, most of which inevitably...

Mom tells of being a quintuplet & giving birth to twins

Candice Botha has a special story to tell, one of coincidences and special blessings. One of the first test-tube quintuplets in South Africa, she...

Want to increase your milk supply? Try reflexology

It is a widely held belief that reflexology is a therapy that induces relaxation and healing in the body. However, its benefits far surpass...

Taking medicine while breastfeeding? Here’s what you need to know

The challenges many new mothers overcome to breastfeed their babies are well documented. Despite a public health system in the UK that promotes breastfeeding,...

How long must my child use a rear-facing car seat?

A question many parents ask is when their baby can move out of a rear-facing car seat. Many families see this as another exciting...

My great sleeper is ill – now what?

At this time of year, the seasons change and the mornings have become colder – and sometimes the sniffles rapidly catch up with us....

Choosing the right car seat with Chicco

Whether you’re expecting your very first baby or shopping for a lively toddler, one of the biggest decisions you will make as a parent...