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Is it really necessary to plan a fancy birthday party for your child?

It was warm and windy in that particular Cape Town summer way, and my pregnant wife and I were rushing to a surprisingly important...
Cute baby touching its toes while smiling

The benefits of baby talk

Do you find yourself speaking to your baby in high-pitched cutesy tones? It’s called baby talk and your child loves it! According to an...
Newborn baby in cot next to mother's bed

12 tips to make sharing your bedroom with your baby easier

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that babies sleep in their parents’ bedroom – “on a separate surface, such as a crib or...
Premature newborn baby in ICU incubator

Caring for your preemie: A little love goes a long way

If your baby was born prematurely, you may greet your D-Day, or day of discharge, with a slightly uncomfortable mixture of joy and trepidation....
Newborn baby wrapping hand around mothers finger

Newborn reflexes & what they mean

The reflexes of a newborn are instinctive, and enable your baby to react to their environment. All healthy infants are born with the same...
Infant formula scoop cup with baby formula

7 tasty formula recipes your baby will love!

Mix a little fruit and veg with your baby’s premium formula for a tasty and nutritious meal. Apple and semolina layered pudding (1 portion) Ingredients 1 apple 30g semolina 90ml...
Newborn baby being held by mothers hands

A guide to grooming your newborn

Cleaning the umbilical cord stump and cutting tiny fingernails, while learning how to care for your newborn’s eyes, nose and ears may be overwhelming...
Baby receiving massage after a bath

Baby massage: how to do it, plus all the benefits

Enough just cannot be said about the advantages of touch for your baby every day. The physical contact between a child and a parent...
Sad mom crying in baby's bedroom

Feeling blue after having your baby? Here’s why & what you can do

You arrive at home with your beautiful new baby and he is completely dependent on you. Suddenly your mind is flooded with thoughts of...
Newborn baby directly after birth

Meeting your newborn for the first time

The moment you meet your newborn might be a little different to what you had anticipated. If you give birth vaginally, your baby will...