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Parents are racing through jam-packed days at a rapid pace, constantly seeking out ways to ensure their days run more smoothly and efficiently. Take a load off and cope better with household duties, chores, homework and grocery shopping by downloading these great organisational apps.

Being a supermom comes with great responsibility and with these apps you are able to remember everything and plan ahead. No longer will Timmy miss soccer practice or Sarah for band practice – and Felix won’t be forgotten at Ted’s party. Share events and news, curate shopping lists, save favourite recipes, track your kid’s pocket money and get organised in a fast, simple and oh-so fabulously convenient way.


A fabulous app that organises your life! Get stuff done, plan holidays, set dates, share lists with colleagues, arrange movie nights and ensure you never forget the treats on the grocery list. Tick off all your personal and professional to-dos and never miss a deadline again.

What I like about it: Simple and efficient

Free on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows, Kindle Fire and the Web

cozi-app-iconCozi Family Organizer

Download this great family app that synchronises with phones of all family members. This makes things so much easier as you can all add, edit, and delete to-do lists and events. Create multiple shopping lists, manage your lists of tasks and enjoy the convenience of viewing general schedules and personal events of each family member on the same page.

What I like about it: You’re on the same page as everyone else

Available on Apple Store and Google Play Store

our-home-app-iconOur Home

Make chores and planning into a fun game with this easy app. Each family member can create and edit to-do lists, add new tasks, assign deadlines and people who are responsible for a task. Fabulous for parents who want to motivate their kids to get more involved in household chores. Parents can create tasks and a system of reward for jobs completed. Kids will love the choice of tempting pizza, movies, PlayStation and fun events. Doing chores has never seemed this fun!

What I like about it: Motivation is key

Available on Apple Store and Google Play Store

“Take a load off and cope better with household duties, chores, homework and grocery shopping by downloading these great organisational apps.”

picniic-app-iconFamily Organizer by Picniic 

A lovely looking app that is incredibly convenient, keep up to date with the family calendar, to-do lists, group events and grocery lists. Share messages, use a location tracker, and add your most delicious recipes.

What I like about it: Safety is key

Available on Apple Store and Google Play Store

flayk-app-iconFlayk: Made for Your family

This great app merges a calendar, to-do list and event planner. A fabulous way to manage groups of people and large families, Flayk highlights each with its own colour code. Encourage your kids to complete their homework and see their wonderful expressions when they are rewarded for their diligent work.

What I like about it: Manage the herd

Available on Apple Store and Google Play Store

The following apps are definite must-haves:

rooster-money-app-iconRooster Money

Fill up those piggy banks by having your kids doing more chores and handy work around the house. This great app also teaches them the value of money.

What I like about it: Save for a rainy day

Available on Apple Store, Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore

our-groceries-app-iconOur Groceries

Can’t find that pen and paper? This convenient app allows you to create your own shopping list on the go.

What I like about it: Never be without an ingredient again

Available on Apple Store and Google Play Store

school-planner-app-iconSchool planner

School planner

Keep track of your kid’s exams, events and activities with this accessible app. Put this app to the test!

What I like about it: School is an admin breeze

Available on Google Play Store

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