Irritating things moms say to other moms
Other moms are on the whole awesome and supportive, have your back, and will try to build you up.
And then there are some who might not always mean to irritate you or hurt you, but they end up doing just that (there are some though who use the innocuous words to make you feel lousy. Here are some of the things that have sometimes grated me:
  • “When are you due?” (when you’re not even pregnant)
  • “My baby slept through from six weeks”
  • “I found it so easy to breastfeed, and did it for two years”
  • “I have no stretchmarks
  • “I’m so lucky – I lost all my weight after I had my child”

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  • “I only feed my child organic, sugar-free and preservative-free foods. And she just loves kale, broccoli and quinoa”
  • “My toddler has never had a tantrum in public”
  • “Sorry – we’re so busy this week and have no time for playdates. Between the piano, Mandarin and chess lessons, we’re just swamped”
  • “My husband is so hands on – he does all the night feeds (with my expressed milk)”
  • “You have no idea how tired I am”
  • “I’m so busy – I went to gym, had my hair done, and now I’m at the shops looking for a pair of black heels”
  • “I can’t believe you let your child use a tablet. We’re only going to introduce one when our child is four”

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  • “You look exhausted”
  • “TV is very bad for infants. I wouldn’t let mine watch it”
  • “I’m not judging, but *insert judgemental comment*”
Annoying things moms say to other moms
Moms sometimes say irritating things to other moms