angry parent wagging her finger at young girl: people share how growing up with strict parents affects them now as adults

How has being raised by strict parents affected you as an adult? A Twitter thread on this topic went viral & the insights are eye-opening. Recently Twitter user @Miss_Calita asked her followers how growing up with very strict parents has affected them now as adults, and the responses are eye opening.

People had a LOT to say – and so many seemed to have similar experiences, including struggling with people pleasing behaviour and difficulty handling confrontation…

…feeling socially awkward and like they’re ‘inconveniencing’ people.

It’s not entirely surprising that those raised by strict parents say they have developed a problem with authority and being told what to do…

Some even continue to enforce the rules they grew up with…

A few shared experiences of being bullied at school.

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A few say their strict upbringing has affected how they approach parenthood themselves.

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