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My two year old has just started at play group and there were a couple of challenges I expected to have to deal with: a couple of tears, maybe some separation anxiety and getting her to put proper shoes on to leave the house. Surprisingly, those haven’t been my biggest mom-to-a-schoolgoing-child problems (other than the shoes – but I’ve admitted defeat and nobody bats an eyelid anymore when she arrives at school in wellington boots or slippers again).

The real challenge I’ve faced is planning and packing a healthy midmorning snack that won’t come home in her lunchbox untouched. Well, until I discovered that Squish pouches – my go-to when I was introducing my daughter to solids – had launched a new 200ml pack size. They’re bigger to cater for toddlers with growing appetites but still come in tasty flavour combos like Apple, Guava + Yoghurt, 100% Banana + Apple Fruit Puree and Fruit Medley + Yoghurt.

There are no strict school guidelines that I have to stick to; they haven’t banned peanuts, white bread or anything containing sugar but finding something that meets my requirements (nutritious and convenient for a busy working mom) with her requirements (something yummy that she’ll actually want to eat) is not that easy.

And the range ticks all the right ‘healthy’ boxes: made from 100% fruit and veg puree and double cream yoghurt (not yoghurt powder!), with no preservatives, colourants or flavourants and no added starch.

Squish new 200ml fruit and vegetables pouches

The added bonus of these vitamin-packed pouches? There’s no clean-up! My daughter doesn’t need a bowl or a spoon – she can eat directly from the pouch while on the move, which is handy because it’s near impossible to get her to sit still for more than 3 minutes. And the bigger pack size means that one pouch is enough to fill her up and keep her going until the end of the school day at 12.30pm.

Quick & easy toddler-approved flapjacks made using the Apple, Banana + Yoghurt puree

I use the pouches at home now, too – in fact, you’ll find a bunch of family-friendly recipes on the Squish website. The other day I whipped up a stack of flapjacks using the Apple, Banana + Yoghurt puree – you can get the recipe here. The result? A delicious breakfast that was packed with extra goodness and vitamins from a Squish fruit and yoghurt pouch. Easy. And my daughter scoffed the lot!

Squish review

And for my next culinary masterpiece I’ll be tackling the chicken and sweet potato risotto. And I regularly drizzle the 100% Summer Berries Fruit Puree over the top of my daughter’s yoghurt (and mine!) to turn it into ‘dessert’, use the veggie puree pouches to add an extra hit of nutrition to stews and pasta sauces and sometimes I grab the Apple, Guava + Yoghurt pouch when I’m running late and fancy a smoothie for breakfast.

My daughter may be long past the weaning stage but now that I’ve rediscovered the ultimate convenience of these pouches, I’ll be keeping a steady supply in my pantry. Thanks for helping out busy moms, Squish!

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