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Follow-on formula & growing up milks: What’s the deal?

As loving parents, we all want to provide the best the world has to offer for our children in every aspect of their life...
baby with colic crying

Best formula and remedies for colicky babies in South Africa

Would you believe that around 40% of infants aged from two weeks to three months are affected by colic? Even though infants who suffer...
baby crying due to constipation mom giving him bottle with formula or milk

Formula can help ease your baby’s constipation

Having a little one with constipation can make you feel really helpless. Not only do you hate to see your baby cramping or unable...
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How much sugar in formula is too much?

Unfortunately, many formulas on the market contain added sugars and because we want parents to make the best formula choice for their baby, BabyYumYum...

Is the sugar in formula safe for my baby?

Did you know that infant formula contains sugar and that this could have an impact on your baby’s health? Not all sugars are bad,...

What’s behind a formula tin label?

Before I get started, let me just reiterate that breast is best. We all already know this, but as I always say, there are many...

How much formula does your baby need?

I remember bringing my baby home after her birth and although I initially did breastfeed for the first few weeks, I felt my baby...
mother formula feeding her baby

Breaking the silence around formula feeding

There are a couple of things that society has come to agree upon as relates to infant nutrition: breast is best and formula manufacturers...
spoon with baby formula and bottle for formula feeding

Formula feeding: Best types of baby formula in South Africa

While “breast is best”, there are times when a mommy cannot breastfeed her little one for various reasons. When you have to turn to formula...