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Formula or breastfeeding? It’s your choice!

In honour of Human Rights Month in March, meet ethicists who are worried that the government’s pro-breastfeeding policies impinge on certain constitutionally guaranteed freedoms...

Why is my baby reacting to his formula?

If your baby is fussy and you suspect it may be formula related, you just might be right. Before you start jumping between brands, or...

Is the use of palm olein in baby formula controversial?

Palm oil is hard to avoid, appearing at least once in most families’ grocery trolleys: it’s in bread, soap, shampoo, biscuits and rusks, pizza...

Colic: what formula is best?

You can feel so helpless when your baby’s suffering. Here’s what you should know about colic and formula feeding. If you are currently living...

If you’re feeding with formula, here’s what you can do to promote your baby’s...

While breastfeeding is the recommended approach to infant feeding, some mothers may not be able to breastfeed. Others may find themselves moving on from...

What’s in my infant’s formula?

Margot Bertelsmann checks out baby formula – or tries to, anyway … Look, we all know breast is best. Thanks to an actively implemented campaign...

Follow-on formula & growing up milks: What’s the deal?

As loving parents, we all want to provide the best the world has to offer for our children in every aspect of their life...
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How much sugar in formula is too much?

Unfortunately, many formulas on the market contain added sugars and because we want parents to make the best formula choice for their baby, BabyYumYum...