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Baby formula bottle filled with coin money

Infant Formula Price Comparison

We know that finding the right formula at the right price is sometimes a difficult task. This is why we have created a comprehensive...
Infant formula decanted into a baby bottle

The dos & don’ts of formula-feeding

When it comes to formula-feeding your little one, you may have many questions. We take the mystery out of mixing up a bottle of...
Infant formula scoop cup with baby formula

7 tasty formula recipes your baby will love!

Mix a little fruit and veg with your baby’s premium formula for a tasty and nutritious meal. Apple and semolina layered pudding (1 portion) Ingredients 1 apple 30g semolina 90ml...
Baby drinking milk from a bottle

“I combined breastfeeding with formula bottles & increased my milk supply”

More than three years ago, just after my baby was born, I happily signed the consent form in the hospital, giving the nurses permission...
Baby sitting in huge pile of winning money

BabyYumYum Formula Survey 2019

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Dad changing nappy of baby with diarrhoea

Choosing the right infant formula can help with diarrhoea

“Wet wipes!” I typed a WhatsApp to my husband who was at the shops using the knuckle of my pinkie, which was the only...
Newborn baby drinking infant formula from bottle

Who funds baby formula? The short answer is not your medical aid!

When you have a hospital birth, you expect that your meals will be included in the (often astronomical) hospital bill you’ll receive. The hospital...

Formula or breastfeeding? It’s your choice!

In honour of Human Rights Month in March, meet ethicists who are worried that the government’s pro-breastfeeding policies impinge on certain constitutionally guaranteed freedoms...

Why is my baby reacting to his formula?

If your baby is fussy and you suspect it may be formula related, you just might be right. Before you start jumping between brands, or...