man and woman lying in bed together

Want to improve your sex life? Well, it all comes down to one thing: confidence. By changing the way you feel about (and have) sex, you can make the experience better for yourself and your partner. Here are 5 game-changing things that all confident women do in bed.

1. They tell their partner what they want

Who has the time (or the patience!) to wait and hope that their partner knows what they like in bed? Nobody knows your body better than you do – if you know what turns you on, take the guesswork out of the situation and be upfront about what makes you feel good. He’ll be grateful for the guidance and you’ll reap the benefits of a skilled partner. Win-win!

2. They don’t fret about their bodies

It’s perfectly normal to worry about what you look like during sex but he’s paying much less attention to your love handles than you are. Honestly, he’s probably just thrilled that you’re naked. Also try leaving the lights on, and make eye contact – there’s nothing sexier than seeing how turned on your partner is.

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3. They’re open to new experiences

Whether it’s dressing up, trying a new position or introducing a sex toy, confident women are open to trying something new. Share your fantasies with your partner and make them feel comfortable doing the same. But – and this is important – confident women also know their boundaries and aren’t afraid to speak up if something makes them uncomfortable.

4. They don’t take sex too seriously

Sex can be funny – not to mention awkward or embarrassing – and sometimes the only sensible thing to do is laugh. After all, sex is supposed to be fun, so don’t take it too seriously. That said, what they do take seriously is the issue of birth control and protection – stay safe!

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5. They make the first move

Confident women enjoy sex and they don’t care who knows it. Gone are the days of waiting for him to make the first move – women should be able to ask for sex when they want it. If you usually let him take the lead, he might be surprised (in a good way!) – feel free to be a bit bossy if you want to!

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