Let me just say: you can’t be totally lazy when it comes to natural hair. You have to pick your battles and decide on what you’ll be lazy with. Otherwise you’ll end up with a mess or – even worse – no hair at all. So, choose a struggle. If you want to grow your hair out, you have to give it 100%. If you just want it to look decent and keep it healthy, then here are some tips that can make your natural hair regimen easier.

On the day you wash your hair

1. Shampoo hack for natural hair:

Section your hair. It’ll help with detangling your knots and minimise breakage. The longer your hair, the fewer sections you need. My hair is shoulder length and I’m currently washing my hair in 3 to 4 sections and I keep them in those sections throughout washing.

2. Conditioning hack for natural hair:

Use something with good slip. Some conditioners are better than others and those with good slip are great with detangling. When you deep condition, make sure to cover your hair with your shower cap, then carry on showering to save time. Detangle your hair once the conditioner has set. After rinsing, I tie my hair in a way that helps it stretch on its own, like putting it into pigtails and using my hairbands to tie along the length of my hair. My hair then dries this way and doesn’t tangle or coil on itself.

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In between wash days

If you’re strapped for time during the week, make sure you prep your hair well on wash day.

3. Styling your natural hair:

Style in a way so that you don’t have to restyle your hair throughout the week. You can also do slight changes to the style during the week. A puff with the fluff in front is my favourite lazy style. If your hair isn’t this long yet, you can go for a simple puff – it’s quick and you don’t have to do a lot to refresh it during the week.

Here are some of my favourite lazy hairstyles. You can have a look at my video style tutorials for more.

pictures of natural hair styled five different ways

4. Products for natural hair:

You can save a lot of time by minimising the number of products you use on your hair, but the best way to do this is by doing research on what works on your hair. This will take some time. But once it’s done, you’ll know which products work best on your hair and how to use them quickly. So by the time wash day (or a day between wash days) comes around, you’re no longer wondering if it works. You might be lucky on your first try, but many naturals need to kiss a few product frogs before finding the perfect ones. Once you’ve found it, here’s where the time-saving part comes in: you stick to it. Knowing which combination of products work for you cuts down so much time because you know what the end results will be.

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5. Sleeping with natural hair:

I used to re-twist my hair every single night before I went to bed. I don’t really do that anymore, unless I have a special reason for having my hair look extra good the next day. I just don’t have the energy to do it every night, with my current lifestyle – running after a toddler, working and caring for a newborn baby is no joke. So, I use little hairbands to loosely tie my hair at night. I tie them in a way that makes my hair goes upwards. Then I wrap my hair with my satin scarf around the base of my head. The next day, I take the hairbands off, I fluff my hair with my fingers and go – done!

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