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Now that my son is a full-blown toddler, I’ve been reflecting on my journey of motherhood, especially those times when he was an itty-bitty newborn. There have undoubtedly been some tough times, and there are others where we just had to laugh.

Here are some funny things that started happening when my husband and I became parents.

1. You impersonate your baby

What is it about us grown-ups and always insisting on baby talk whenever we hold, cuddle or talk to a baby? Do they even know the difference between normal talk and baby talk? Do they only understand you if you speak to them in a high-pitched babble?

Well, as expressive as he is now, there was a point when Kai wasn’t talking yet – or rather, not saying actual words. He was beyond fluent in baby talk and we were sure that he cursed us in it whenever we took his sippy cup away. So, whenever someone talked to him, we responded … as Kai.

Yes, my husband and I imagined Kai’s voice and we would speak as him. Hubby’s version had an unidentifiable accent, and mine was just squeaky and cute. We even talked to each other through him and reacted as if he was really articulating those words to us. We had full conversations and every once in a while, Kai’s facial expressions suggest he approved of our representation of him.

2. You celebrate poop

The first few months of being a mom, you examine and question everything. Is he eating enough? Is he eating too much? What’s that slightly red mark? Are his nails too long? Too short? The biggest thing in our house was poop. Actually, it still is! It’s a topic you never discussed outside of your doctor’s office but you’re now unashamedly discussing the contents of your baby’s nappy in detail with your husband.

Sometimes if I wasn’t at home, or vice versa, a photo of said nappy would do all of the explaining. Not very romantic, I know. I clearly remember a time when Kai, after pooping regularly a couple of times a day, didn’t poop for two days straight. He hadn’t started on solids yet and was exclusively on breast milk, so we tried all the other tricks to get his tummy working, but to no avail.

The first day of no poop was a bit doubtful but by day two, we were getting ready to go to the emergency room. Thankfully, the morning of the third day, I was changing his nappy and there it was. Poop, glorious poop! I screamed in delight “Yay he’s pooped! He’s pooped!” My husband heard me and came rushing upstairs to join me in a celebratory dance. We’d never been so happy.

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3. You lose your privacy

If you’re finicky about personal space, don’t have children. No matter how big and independent your child becomes, there’s always some level of attachment that happens. As a first-time mom, I didn’t see that coming. And when you’re pressed for the loo, it’s not as simple as leaving your baby in one room and sitting there in private.

Those days are long gone and I realised it when Kai was still a newborn and he couldn’t nap during the day unless he was on my chest. So, what did I do when I needed to answer the call of nature? Went with him on me (I would ‘wear’ him in my baby wrap). It then became more fun for him because it was a chance to crawl and follow mommy into a new room.

And, of course, I had to entertain and distract him from trying to climb into the bathtub or pulling out the toilet brush, all while I’m on the loo. He found it highly amusing.

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4. You become one-handed

The constant need to be with or on you means that there’s no other place to put them other than on your hip. You have no choice but to become a master at doing everything one-handed. Never mind not being able to even write your name with your left hand, you’ll develop this skill very quickly.

From eating to applying makeup to tidying up the house (have you seen my multitasking video?) everything will be left to one hand to get it done. Sometimes you can’t even be picky which hand it is, whichever one is free at that point will do.

5. You’re interrupted … all … the … time

I read somewhere that babies instinctively know when their parents are getting it on or about to, so they wake up from their nap or suddenly become irritable and belt their lungs out to stop the possibility of bringing in a new addition to the family.

You know, because they want to selfishly remain the only offspring. As unsubstantiated as that claim is, I totally believe it. ‘Nuff said. Or is this all just me and my hubby?

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Aisha O'Reilly Profile ImageAisha O’Reilly is a young African woman who loves natural hair, beauty and being a new mommy, among other things. Her aim is to inspire and encourage fellow women by giving them a peek into her life, with all of its ups, downs, questions and adventures in her blog, Aisha and Life.

Aisha O'Reilly Profile Image
Aisha O’Reilly is a young African woman who loves natural hair, beauty and being a new mommy, among other things. Her aim is to inspire and encourage fellow women by giving them a peek into her life, with all of its ups, downs, questions and adventures in her blog.