3 books for kids celebrating LGBT families

Enjoy these wonderful reads during June that encapsulate same-sex marriage and family. June represents Gay Pride month and the honouring of the 1969 Stonewall riots in Manhattan. The fight for human rights of tolerance and acceptance still exists today, and as such it’s never too soon to introduce children to the LGBT community through the power of literature.

Books are a fantastic, authentic way to reinforce positive representations of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community. This is a beautiful, intangible present to your children, the gifts of compassion, tolerance and teaching the little ones about acceptance.

My Two Moms and Me

by Michael Joosten


An adorable board book for the babies and toddlers of lesbian mothers featuring a variety of diverse loving families with two moms. Families with same-sex parents are celebrated in this board book that follows busy moms and their kids throughout their day – eating breakfast, going on a playdate, heading to the pool for a swim, and settling back in at night with a bedtime story and a good-night lullaby. LGBTQ+ parents and their friends and families will welcome this diverse and cheerful book that reflects their own lives and family makeup.

Published by Penguin Random House

The Girl with Two Dads

by Mel Elliott


Matilda is a new girl at Pearl’s school, but there’s something really different and cool about her family – she has two dads! Pearl is sure that Matilda’s family must be very different to her own but, as they become friends, she starts to discover that maybe Matilda’s family isn’t so different after all. This light-hearted story will open up discussion and encourage children to be openminded and inclusive. This charming tale of friendship is all about celebrating what makes us different and similar to one another and is perfect for sharing with children aged three years and up.

Published by Penguin Random House

Aalfred and Aalbert

by Morag Hood


A heart-warming and funny story about a blossoming friendship between two solitary aardvarks. Aardvarks Aalfred and Aalbert both need a pal. But Aalfred sleeps in the day and Aalbert sleeps at night. How will they ever get the chance to meet? Bird conjures up a series of sillier and sillier schemes to get the two aardvarks into the same place, but their paths simply refuse to cross. Until one day, when they find each other in the most unexpected way – and now Aalfred and Aalbert will never lose each other again. With its sweet and natural portrayal of love accidentally blooming between two aardvarks, it makes a brilliant gift for a loved one.

Published by Pan Macmillan

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