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These are the 10 worst baby names of 2022, according to moms who had their say on Mumsnet. While there are a few names we’re not surprised made it onto the list, there are some pretty shocking entries. Some of the baby names that made it into the top 10 on this list are actually wildly popular – with many appearing on 2022’s  ‘most popular baby names’ lists!

Do you agree that these are the worst baby names or do you think the ‘honour’ should go to the truly bizarre names or those with off-the-wall spelling instead? Hey, parents of Abcde (pronounced Absidee) and Airwacka (pronounced Erica)… we’re looking at you.

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Worst baby names of 2022

  1. Mia – because it’s an acronym for “missing in action”
  2. Cameron – it could also be a surname
  3. Claudia – it means “lame” in Latin
  4. Alexa – because of Amazon
  5. Lana – spell it backwards…
  6. Fanny – “for obvious reasons”
  7. Flora – it makes one mum “think of bacteria”
  8. Luna – because “it’s a pet name”
  9. Graham – sounds like “grey ham”
  10. Mercedes – as it’s a car brand

baby names on post its: worst baby names of 2022

Other popular name trends that moms said they just can’t stand? Unique spellings (think Jaxon instead of Jackson), double-barrel names (especially those ending in May), names ending in ‘den’ (like Hayden or Jayden) and fuddy-duddy old-fashioned names (including the likes of Mabel and Ethel). And one of the things that’s certain to put a parent off naming their child? If they already have a negative association with the name due to knowing someone with the same – or a similar – name.

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