What in the world is a Spindel ? And you can win one too …

Have you ever heard of a Spindel? When hearing this name one thinks of perhaps a type of rocket, or an old fashioned sewing machine, or maybe even the needle on a spinning wheel in sleeping beauty? Well the above are all wrong!

I was recently asked to try out what is called a Spindel to assist with drying my loads of laundry. I was told that it would be ideal for my babies towels, linen and babygrows. Great – with a family including 1 preschooler and 1 baby – I gladly accepted … anything to make my life of a mommy easier.

Spindel specialist laundry dryer review by BabyYumYum I initially thought that the Spindel could be used in place of my Tumble Drier and my vision was of a big drum on a stand with a handle that you have to turn really fast with your strong mommy muscles to dry what was in the drum. Similar to something I had once seen in photos of a caravan park. Lots of hassle with little return.

I was pleasantly surprised upon reading more about the Spindel. It is promoted as a specialist laundry dryer, which is used to dry laundry faster, save energy and preserve fabrics.

The concept is that it acts as the between step between washing and tumble drying or air-drying to reduce your drying time and the energy used from your tumble dryer resulting in saving money and being kinder to the environment too (using 100 times less electricity than a tumble drier).

This is perfect for rainy, overcast days when drying baby items seems to take forever. Like when you have one clean long-sleeve baby grow left, which you need to put baby in tonight but you end up having to put baby in it at 2pm because of the accident baby had whilst you were walking out the door. Mass panic is created in your brain when you think about what will baby wear tonight if nothing is dry since you did all your washing in the morning. You may even be tempted to think that you need to go out and buy another one just now? No – the answer is simple. You should have had a Spindle and used it in the morning after your wash cycle and then you would be guaranteed of having dry clothes by the afternoon.

The Spindel comes in 2 sizes – 4,5 or 6,5 kg drum load and can roughly take about half your washing machines load after your wash cycle.

It works by spinning your wet laundry at a rate of 2800 rpm (revolutions per minute).

Which results in taking out 80% of the moisture in your laundry in just 3 minutes.

What’s awesome is that you put a little container at the foot of the Spindel and you actually watch the water coming out whilst it is spinning and about a cupful of water comes out. Well this was so WOW, that it was my family’s afternoon entertainment – all sitting around staring at the Spindel!

Yesterday was a very cold and overcast day (with a chance of rain) in Johannesburg and whilst I was celebrating my husbands 40th with a spit braai in the freezing outdoors, I had one less thing to stress about, as I knew that my laundry was probably already dry after using the Spindel and hanging up the laundry in my garage in the morning.

The product is thin and tall so it fits easily into small laundry spaces and it looks a little like a rocket. Laundry is fed in through an opening at the top. Just ensure laundry is evenly distributed and then press down. You close the lip, turn the dial and woosh- the machine spins for between 3-5 minutes depending on what needs drying. You can manually determine your time and stop the machine when the water coming out starts to turn into a non existent drip.

Spindel specialist laundry dryer review by BabyYumYumI think that it can actually get a bit addictive doing all this spinning and watching the water and excess detergent come out. Although some would see this 3 minute step as pain in the whole laundry cycle, but and I would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to take the hassle out the long time it takes to dry items, especially baby clothes. What is also great is that it removes residue detergent that damages fabrics.

The Spindel sells for between R2199 and R2499 depending on the size that you select and it is available from Yuppiechef.com and Takealot.com as well as selected specialised furniture and appliance stores.


  • It is small and fits in nicely to tight spaces
  • It is really quick
  • You can immediately feel the results
  • It is sturdy and of a very good quality
  • There is no leaking
  • If convenience and time saving is your thing, the price is reasonable.
  • Certain fabrics can be ironed immediately
  • ALL fabrics can be used including wool as it causes no heat damage
  • It has a 12 month warranty


  • It does not take a full washing machine load
  • It does not automatically turn off or determine the duration it needs to spin for
  • The machine is clean and sexy looking but you need to supply your own container to catch the water which is inevitably an old and ugly food storage container. A neat little container that is supplied would be great
  • Although the white is clean and sexy, I fear that the white may start to discolour or look dirty after a few years, as all white appliances do


The lovely people at Spindel would like to offer you the chance to win a 6,5 L model with free delivery. All you have to do is visit our Facebook page and comment on our giveaway image with a few lines of your family washing woes. Giveaway ends Thursday 12 May 2016.