Danone & Disney partner to combine fun with nutrition!

Our cyber safety expert, Rianette Leibowitz,  is giving away two amazing hampers in partnership with Danone and Disney!

Danone, the global leader in the yoghurt industry and Disney have launched a new range of yoghurts. This exclusive range features Disney Frozen and Spider-Man characters and aims to promote healthy dietary habits to children by combining fun and good nutrition in one tasty product.
spiderman yoghurt danoneThe power of YOGHURT!
As a parent, we always look for something that is convenient to serve, tasty for kids with the added bonus of being packed with healthy benefits, then yoghurt is the perfect solution!
Yoghurt is a unique food, because it’s made with a combination of milk and live cultures. It has been proven that these live cultures assist in creating a healthy gut and a better digestive environment. In addition to calcium and protein, naturally coming from milk, they have boosted the Danone Disney range with a source of Vitamins B12 and D, essential nutrients needed by growing children every day!

disney frozen yoghurt danone“Yoghurt is an ideal snack option. Every kilojoule is packed with nutrients that are needed by your body every day. In addition to that, Danone Disney yoghurt contains no artificial sweeteners or colourants that makes this product even more appealing!” says Marlinie Kotiah, Science and Health Manager at Danone.
The perfect solution to feed your kids: combine FUN & HEALTH!

What makes the Danone Disney range special?
 NO artificial sweeteners
 NO artificial colours
 Source of Vitamins D and B12
 2 flavours loved by children: Strawberry and Mixed Fruit
 Encourages dairy intake every day

You can get the different yoghurt packs in store now:
 4 pack strawberry smooth (Disney Frozen & Spider-Man) @ R15.99
 4 pack mixed fruit smooth (Disney Frozen & Spider-Man) @ R15.99
 8 pack strawberry & mixed fruit ( Disney Frozen & Spider-Man)@ R29.99
 6 pack Granadilla, Strawberry & Apricot (Disney Frozen & Spider-Man)@ R19.99
 6 pack Pineapple, Strawberry & Cream Soda (Disney Frozen & Spider-Man)@ R19.99
stand-a-chance-of-winning-an-amazing-disney-frozen-or-spider-man-hamperStand a chance to win a boy/girl hamper that features Disney Frozen and Spider-Man merchandise! All you have to do is tell us on our Facebook page here: Do you have a boy or girl? Why do you love Danone yoghurt?