Win!! Have you ever had a floater at a swimming playdate?


There is nothing cuter than hearing laughs and seeing the biggest smile on your babies face. Water activities and swimming always seem to have that affect on young ones and with summer in full force many of our afternoons and weekends are spent with water involved.

I am all for babies being free in their “birthday suits”, but in certain instances covering up and “modesty” is required . One such example would be when swimming in public and in other peoples swimming pools. There is nothing more embarrassing, although very funny, to see a floater drifting past in the water at a playdate and knowing that it belongs to your little one. Its easy to say – “well just put on a nappy”, but the biggest problem here is that wearing a normal nappy in the water will just weigh baby down due to its great absorption.

Well one clever brand has thought of everything and created the Bambino Mio Reusable Swim Nappy. Not only is it better for the environment but it comes in the most playful designs. We went with the mermaid design.

bambino mio mermaid

It’s a good idea to buy 2 so that you can swap your baby into the second one when the first is drying (as it is material).

It is primarily designed to hold solids, but I found that due to the fabric it can hold a small amount of liquids for a very short period of time – think getting baby from nursery to swimming pool in swimming nappy – if a wee does happen it won’t come pouring out.

It is nice and comfy for baby as it is a soft cotton inside and is elasticised around the legs to prevent a dreaded floater and prevents red marks around legs and tummy.

They come in 4 great designs with more designs to follow which is great as they really are a summer staple and I like to have lots of options!!

Pirate Bay
Pirate Bay







Ditzy Floral
Deep Sea Blue







The Swim Nappy doesn’t have any zips or buttons or clasps so it’s so easy to slip on and get off even when wet.

They come in 4 sizes dependent on baby weight right up to a small child size of about 15 kgs.

I even put my bigger daughter in one – she is almost 4 and toilet trained but it is great to put underneath her full piece swim suit as I find most of the swim suits uncomfortable in the sense that they rub against her  between her legs and often sometimes the smaller sized swimsuits have zips between the legs. . . owwwww!

For me it is all about convenience and yes, this product gets the convenience stamp of approval as it is machine washable, it can be tumble dried and the best part is that no ironing is required.

A really great product and good value too! The easiest way to get a pair of these is to get to Baby City where you can get them for R259.99.
You can also buy them online on  and while you are on the website check out their really useful first time swimming tips!

win-bambino-mioStand the chance of winning a Bambino Mio Swim Nappy! All you need to do is tell us an embarrassing story about your little one on our Facebook Page here.


  1. My son was famous for having a poo as he got into water, the once we were at friends and he wanted to swim. He pooed and the poo was a mix of runny and logs, they tried to fish the logs out but the rest of the kids had to get out the water for a while. He is now known as the poo child. They now say my daughter must not follow in his foot steps. The second issue was when I was bathing with him. I had given him meds as his tummy was constipated and while in the bath I massaged his tummy. Not much later he pooed in the bath with me in. I screamed for my hubby to get towels and help us out the bath. I never bathed with him again

  2. My boy Ben will be 6 months in December, he does not have any embarrassing stories yet! Lol and we sure don’t want any stories, because it will be the first time he meets his cousins and niece in Natal.

  3. my baby is only 4 months i think the only embarrassing story was when he had a runny tummy or well it just started and he made a poo right down his new track pants right into his socks and when i took everything off it managed to get all over my arms 🙂 my toddler was so gross out he ran out the room screaming poo everywhere lol


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