What to buy for your new baby


What to buy for your baby for home - BabyYumYumYou are most certainly excited about the arrival of your new baby, but probably less so about the shopping that it entails. Here are our recommended purchases as things you will actually need for your newborn for home.

  • For the first few days all baby will do is sleep, eat and poop. Find a warm or cool and clean place for baby to sleep, which is preferably close to you so that you can take in each other and you can respond instantly to baby’s calls!(nothing fancy required here – the Finnish put their babies in open boxes to sleep.
  • Vests – remember that the general rule of thumb is that baby needs 1 more layer of clothing than you are wearing. So if you are just wearing a t-shirt than baby will need a vest and a t-shirt.
  • Bath: we recommend a bath with a plug hole to let water out and avoid having to lift a bath filled with water. A bathroom sink filled with water does just as fine in the early days.
  • Aqueous cream to wash baby
  • Baby cotton buds (with the bulb on the end)
  • Cotton wool
  • Panado syrup
  • Neurofen syrup (this comes with an amazing medicine syringe – don’t ever throw it away!)
  • Bum cream – our recommended buys are Bepanthan and Sudocrem
  • Baby hair brush to stimulate hair circulation and growth
  • Baby nail clippers or scissors – baby will pop out with talons that never cease to grow
  • Baby sunscreen with an SPF of no less than 50. Preferably keep baby out of the sun rather than apply sunscreen to new born skin however if unavoidable, go with a sunscreen that’s baby friendly.
  • Pure Beginnings Insect Repellent - BabyYumYumBaby friendly mosquito repellent- our recommended buy is from Pure Beginnings.
  • Almond oil or good quality natural oil can be used to massage baby after bath or to wash baby with. This oil can also be massaged into babies head from day one if baby has cradle cap.
  • A thermometer to test water temperature if you are nervous and don’t trust the elbow method (bath water should be between 35 and 38 degrees )
  • Bath towels: the ones which clip around your neck to free up your hands are a brilliant invention
  • Bottles if you are planning on bottle feeding you will require 8 bottles for a 24 hour period
  • Formula – discuss with your health provider
  • Baby glycerin suppositories- only use half a suppository for a newborn. I am a great believer of rather out than in if baby is uncomfortable (easier and safer than the Vaseline on a cotton bud stimulation method)
  • A good quality thermometer for baby’s temperature- preferably a non-contact type
  • A wedged pillow to lie baby slightly elevated to avoid reflux
  • What to buy for your baby for home - BabyYumYumA nightlight for night time nappy changes and feeding
  • Telament drops
  • Maizena: mix together with breastmilk or warm water to make a paste to apply to nappy rash or heat rash on baby’s body
  • Rescue remedy for mommy: sometimes just to help you maintain your composure when times are tough
  • Breast pads to prevent milk dripping through your clothes
  • Feeding bras – and yes, you can find some sexy ones
  • Practical panties and not g-strings for the first few days or months to avoid any discomfort
  • Face cloths to clean baby
  • Dummies – we recommend glow in the dark which are so much easier to find at night
  • A clock to keep track of feeding times
  • A note pad and pen to note babies feeding, sleeping and pooing habits – also nice to write any thoughts into or anything you have to remember for later
  • Baby monitors are not essential, however a nice to have
  • What to buy for your baby for home - BabyYumYumA boppy or donut cushion for feeds and later on for your baby to use when training to sit up or to lie over for tummy time.
  • A soft plastic jug used to help wash babies hair or a face cloth is also fine to wring water over hair
  • Look for unscented products as fragrances can irritate babies skin and besides, babies smell so yummy anyways with their own natural baby scent.
  • A baby bag – go for something with lots of pockets and as lightweight as possible.
  • Stroller hooks to hang your baby bag and parcels onto your pram
  • A cup holder for your pram to place your water bottle into when you are out with baby if not included with your pram.
  • Clothing pegs – a nifty idea is to affix a lightweight blanket over the hood of pram, so that baby is covered against the elements including those nosey people who want to take a peek when baby is sleeping.
  • An insulated bottle bag
  • A playmat – great to put baby on to lie about when you need to have some quiet time
  • What to buy for your baby for home - BabyYumYumA bouncy chair – as it is at an angle it’s nice to put baby in it after a feed to stop vomiting and to keep them amused for a short time.
  • A bottle sterilizer or a great big pot to put on the stove to sterilize bottles and other items.
  • An electric bottle warmer with a timer is a real win but a jug with boiling water to put bottle into heat it up is just as grand.
  • A hot water flask – in this day in age with load shedding you just can’t be too prepared, so make sure that you have hot water on standby in your house to make a bottle when the lights go out.

Just remember that all a baby needs is food, love and warmth.

All the rest is a luxury-so do the best that you can do when buying things for baby, but remember not to get caught up in the first time parent emotional trap of buying things that you really do not need, like the fancy bath that my cat now sleeps in!

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