What is it that defines us as a woman?


As a mother we lose sense of who we really are and so often slip into the trap of daily family life and of becoming the “mother” and  the “wife”.

We lose a sense of our identity and apart from becoming what everyone else wants, we become lost on our way and eventually wake up when it’s too late.

When our husbands have left us and our children are not so dependent on us for everything.

At that stage we look at ourselves and say “gee, I wish I had spent more time putting cream on my feet at night, or going for that run or yoga class to keep my body in shape, or putting away that little bit every month for me to buy those killer heels that make me feel sexy and empowered”.

We forget that we cannot solve all the problems of the world and without our inner-souls being fed constantly we will fail too, in our journey to be the best balanced mother, to complete the best family.

Every year when #WomensDay / month comes around I often hear the smirks and joking comments from male counterparts about “isn’t every month women’s month?”.

Which not only makes my blood boil but once again reiterates my view of how men are actually clueless and completely ignorant about the existence of us special beings – WOMEN!!!

women byyWe cannot depend on anyone to make us feel complete except ourselves and that is why one needs to be a super savvy and #EmpoweredMommy.

There are so many things in the world that add to the essence and enjoyment of life and this Women’s Month I want to share with you a few of my feel good items that remind me and contribute to me being the best that I can possibly be.

Its all about ME!

Restaurant Doppio Zero

Food Glorious Food

doppio zeroThey say that the way to a man’s HEART is through his stomach, but don’t you agree that the way to a women’s SOUL is through good food and the experience of eating.

This is why I just love Doppio Zero.

This has to be my go-to for easy eating and Mediterranean cuisine.

Doppio is a not only committed to offering an environment that caters for everyone (including smallies) but has such a varied menu allowing an opportunity for everyone to have their favourite.

From arriving at one of their branches you feel like part of the family with friendly smiles and warm service.

doppio zeroApart from feeding my appetite they are a restaurant that really does have a SOUL, are involved in so many community initiatives and interactions from simple “welcome to the neighbourhood” vouchers for new area residents to major recycling drives via pizza parties and CSI initiatives like their regular Wish Tree drive.

Their offering of fresh and clean food gives me, as a mom, a really good reason to eat there and the fact that they have incredible healthy options encourages me to eat with my family there.

(shhhhh, I also believe that in September they will be running a “very healthy eating campaign” to start getting us ready for Summer)






johnsons oilRemember what I said earlier about wishing that you had paid more attention to yourself and put cream of your feet? Well the point is that you need to take care of your skin for you and no one else, which is why my next top pick is JOHNSON’S® Vita-Rich Firming Body Oil.

I am obsessed with covering my skin from top to toe with moisture and paying special attention to damaged areas from sun exposure and childbirth.

I also like products that are absorbed quickly so that my clothes don’t get damaged with oily spots.

The smell of this product is refreshing and has a clean yet soothing fragrance with green tea extract or the other variant which has red berry extract and lemon essential oil.  I feel like I’m in a spa every time I apply it.

This oil also has a secret ingredient in it, which claims to produce noticeably firmer skin in 4 weeks.

I love the way it makes my skin feel nourished, especially at this time of year when one feels like a crocodile. It is great for stretch marks and I wish it was available when I was pregnant to help prevent stretch marks.



Wipes range plainJust because I love sharing my picks with you, look out for JOHNSON’S® Facial Cleansing Wipes. They are every women’s beauty saviour and leave skin feeling cleansed, soft and refreshed and remove waterproof mascara too. So no more Panda eyes!! Convenient and available for different skin types.



goodies for girls

Looking good on the outside is really important but feeling sexy and satisfied is really important too.

You don’t need a man to satisfy yourself and that is why I just love Désir Intimate Collection.

This brilliant online “personal goodies” site makes the whole experience of self pleasure really fun and easy, without the sleazy feeling one would get when physically going to one of those stores with the blacked out windows and neon signs.

My order arrived discreetly packaged at my office and when I had opened the initial packaging I was truly tickled (excuse the pun) with the beautiful box and ribbon and a handwritten card to me. I felt so special!!!

The tag line on the website is HONOUR YOURSELF and that is exactly what this store is for. To remind you that you need to be adored and pleasured and to find your inner goddess with or without a partner because you are a women.

desirWhether you go onto the site because you are curious or because you are looking for something in particular you will see that it is so user friendly and clearly categorised.

There is nothing nicer in the world than laughing and whether that laugh comes from pleasing ones self or unwrapping your goodies in front of friends who have not seen it before and bursting out in hysterics, its truly good for your soul.

I love the fact that a vibrator is no longer just a replica of a phallic item made from a cold hard material which is completely scary, not great hygienically and off putting.

The world of “pleasure” toys has transformed in ‘oohs’ and ‘aahhs’ over the past few years. I wanted an item which was not intimidating, playful, enjoyable and that combined technology (#TechnoGal).

Gazelle-005My selection was called the Gazelle and was a combination of all the above factors.

It is part of a collection called the IMTOY ZOO whose focus is on research and development in redefining the world of intelligent personal health products.

This particular vibrator – The Gazelle – is promoted to awaken your wild nature and playful imagination and there are also the animal “motifs” to satisfy different requirements.

Now here comes the awesome part – not only is the Gazelle PINK (my favourite colour) but its impulses and movements are customised and personalised to the way in which you communicate with it via an app. You can choose between a single vibration mode or a multiple vibration combination.

Other features include an orgasm inducing button, interactive syncing with video, voice and music and customisable vibration frequencies.

The most important part to remember when using this device is to have fun, relax, use lots of lube, keep your phone charged (don’t want to point-out the obvious) and always clean after use.





best dressed babes

As women, the majority of our satisfaction often comes from satisfying our children. It’s important that we focus on ourselves too and find balance, but it also feels good to give our children the very best. For me, I love taking advantage of how cute my kids are and dressing them up in clothes that complement their innocent, fun and mischievous natures. So, my last pick this Women’s Month, is for one of my favourite designer children’s clothing brands, which gives both me and my children great pleasure.

keedo kidsKEEDO KIDS

When it comes to convenience, shopping on Keedo’s online store offers me just that. For me personally though, I really enjoy the experience of walking into a physical store and touching and smelling the clothing. Fabric can evoke very strong feelings and memories for me, and of course it’s great for children to touch the clothes and enhance their tactile senses.

Having said that – whether in store or online at Keedo (made in SA! Yay!), you’ll find the most colourful and playful items combined with the necessary basics like leggings and jerseys.

Another reason to feel good when buying Keedo is that they participate in many community projects such as a feeding scheme and ‘Save the Rhino’ project. As a proudly South African, designer children’s clothing brand, Keedo emphasises comfort, environmental education and sustainable practices throughout the design and manufacturing process. The result is comfortable and fun clothing that lets kids be kids, while gently fostering a love for nature.

keedo clothingKeedo employs hundreds of staff across 29 stores and a local factory in Paarden Eiland, Cape Town. From fashion trends to clients’ needs, Keedo listens to their customers – developing new ranges, according to customer feedback, in as little as two weeks.

You can also earn and spend eBucks at all Keedo stores!  Woohoooo !!!!!

I just wish that they would now make clothing sets for moms too that are the same as your little ones outfit so we can match. How cute!!!



So what is simple answer to my question – what defines us a women?

It may be food, clothes, self-care and self-satisfaction that satisfy a part of us, but the rest of our inner happiness, contentment and ability to sleep easily with peace in our hearts is knowing that we are completed by another being/s.  We are a mother, which can never be taken away. The product of our efforts and of our unconditional love!  By making sure that we as mothers are happy we know that we are able to pass this on to create happy children and defines all our womanly power.




Stand the chance of winning!!!

win womenYou can win:
R500 meal voucher from Doppio Zero +
R1 000 Product Hamper from JOHNSON’S® +
A Gazelle from Désir valued at R1799 +
R500 Keedo Gift Voucher!!!
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  1. What defines me as a women: I can carry a baby, breastfeed my child, sustain a toddler, teach a pre-schooler basics, learn a kid about life and support a teenagers emotions, whilst being a wife to your husband and this with the greatest of love and respect for all humans and animals, in fact any kind of life. We care about humanity, looking after the frail and aged. We are amazing and actually a bit like superwoman. It must be because we love perfume, make-up and nail polish. It must be secret ingredients to our strength 😉

  2. Absolutely enjoyed reading your blog. Been a mother of four ive actually lost that woman feeling.
    Thank you for reminding us who we are…


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