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One would think that a sippy cup is just a cup is just a cup, especially when they are ALL sold as non-spill cups. . .but honestly I have yet to find another mother that can candidly say they have found a non-spill sippy cup.

These days I have very little tolerance and sometimes think that I am a #BadMommy for it, when a very small thing, such as liquid leaking/spilling over the outfit that took 20 minutes to put my wriggly worm into, sets me off into the utterance of inappropriate language and bad feelings towards a product manufacturer.

My kids drink sparkling water, (so sue me for not giving them distilled or purified tap water as the book says) and I want a cup that doesn’t leak and will back up my decision of what I choose to give them.

I also want a cup that I won’t need to pour volumes of liquid into just to allow the straw to still be able to suck up the liquid when my child is learning. . . and one where you don’t have to hold the cup upright to suck only to have it wasted when the frustration kicks in that the straw won’t dip into the liquid sideways.

baby lifting
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And I also want a cup that my little one’s tiny hand can grip and hold with ease to focus on the job at hand, rather than trying to make her into a power lifter.

And lastly I want a cup that is easy to clean and not an interchangeable bottle. At this age the cup needs to be able to move throughout the stages with my daughter and be a separate device in look, feel and function to her bottle.

I have now had all my boxes ticked with the Pigeon MagMag training cup system.


Apart from the fact that it helps create a smooth transition from nipple to a sippy cup, it is BPA Free.

Another great feature is that the handles are slightly angled to facilitate easier grip. The whole concept of moving from a bottle allows replication and encouragement of the baby’s natural sucking motion.

According to info on the Pigeon website, did you know that. . .

Babies cannot produce a negative pressure space in their mouths unless they close and tighten their lips. Until they become proficient in that, babies need to practice by using cups with a slanted mouthpiece. The mouthpiece allows babies to sip liquids as they learn to purse their lips together and drink from a regular cup.

MagMag Training Cup

Figure 1) The lips close to form a seal with the straw. The back of the throat also closes.

Figure 2) The child lowers the pressure within the space of the mouth to create suction.

Figure 3) Liquid moves up the straw when the tip of the straw reaches the negative pressure space.

How ingenious?!


I also feel that kids develop a “bond” with certain items and the fact that you can introduce a new stage of drinking using the cup that they are familiar already with, promotes confidence and takes away the fear of doing something new.

The best part is that no matter what you choose to give your baby to drink; this sippy cup allows for it all!

I am so excited that the blue, pink and green cups have now come to South Africa too!

4653 magmag blue straw 4653 magmag pink straw 4653 magmag green straw

feature magmag cupStand the chance of winning one of three Pigeon MagMag All-In-One sets to the value of R200 each!
All you have to do is comment on our Facebook Page here and tell us: “Which brand created the amazing MagMag?”



  1. I would love to win the Pigeon MagMag All-In-One sets for my g/b twins who are now 17 months old. This is perfect for babiesbwho are transitioning from a bottle. Great product

  2. Pigeon created the awesome Magmag all-in-one sets!

    My little boy is using pigeon bottles now, looking for the perfect sippy cup! 💙

    Fingers Crossed 🤞🏻

  3. I would love to win this…just what my little girl needs. Such an AWESOME prize.

    My little girl loves the pigeon bottles.

  4. Comment:I would like to win Pigeon’s bottles for my beautiful daughter who Will be turning 1year 3 months ,it’s a great gift cz now I’m looking for sipsy cups
    # Done hope to win
    # Pigeon make my day


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