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Just like most little girls dream about their wedding day and their perfect wedding dress, most pregnant mommies have a very clear picture of how they want their baby’s nursery or toddler’s room to look.Bride in wedding dress

Apart from the time consuming hours one spends on the internet and Pinterest researching furniture and room looks, the cost behind this new furniture can be exorbitant.

For my first baby I spent an insane amount of money on my baby’s nursery and very high-end, handcrafted, wooden,  customised items, because I thought that these expensive items would enhance my baby’s wellness and my experience of being the BEST mom  – whahahahahahah!!! Call it new mothers aspirational stupidity – as all it did was make a huge dent in my pocket, although it did look stunning.treehouse childrens decor girls bedroomBy the time my second child was born I had become a lot more “mature” and practical in my spending choices. I moved my first born out of the nursery and into her own room which included a big girls bed and had to furnish it.

Again I spent hours trawling websites, but this time I was not after uber expensive items, I was hunting for beautiful, well-priced and quality bedroom furniture.

A simple inquiry email to a few sites that I came across started the selection process. Some companies only responded weeks later and some still have yet to respond,  but the efficiency and detailed response from one company was whom I decided to go with as I value excellent service when spending money.

treehouse childrens decor boys bedroomStep in Treehouse Children’s Decor – the name says it all: think fun, whimsical children’s and babies furniture and decor.

Firstly the website is very user friendly and you are able to find exactly what you are looking for with ease. There are different collections and styles to choose from so you can opt for an ultra modern room look or a more classical look.

I opted for the 4 poster angel bed with the Anglaise accessories. Perfect for a princess!

What’s more is that there are always specials running on the site, which encourages you to explore the rest of the website and purchase additional items which you may not have had budget for before.

treehouse childrens decor bedI am not one for cookie cutter duplicates and I wanted a few very minimal changes made to my furniture pieces such as extra height and shelves and a few other detail customisations. “No problem” was always the prompt response.

I bought the furniture over a period of time as opposed to all in one order from a budgeting perspective but also so that my little girl could “live” in her room for a while and we could determine what furniture was needed apart from her bed and bedside table.

Even after I had ordered an item and it had arrived and I then wanted an additional change made to it – it was no problem. It was collected by the courier and sent back to be adjusted.

The quality of this furniture is of such a high quality that I even asked to have furniture made for my bedroom.

This is a company that is passionate about their products and about supporting you as a parent to make the right decisions – with their little suggestion such as should I get a single or ¾ bed and the website description saying that a ¾ bed makes more room for parents to read a bedtime story guided me to select this slightly bigger option.

Every detail in the design of the furniture is thought of, for example, the beds have an option of choosing “matching” safety sides to stop the little one from falling out.

treehouse childrens decor shelvesEvery product is made with the highest standard and is finished by hand to ensure no sharp edges or corners or ugly and dangerous screws sticking out. What is also super cool is that the products come in a selection of colours including white, mahogany and on trend colours.

My orders were always delivered before the expected delivery date and I was always kept up to date about when the item was completed and when it was being delivered.

Even after my order was delivered I always received a follow-up mail about if I had received the product and if I was happy.

All my numerous dealings with Treehouse Children’s Decor have been exceptional. If you do have that perfect picture of your baby or child’s room, let Treehouse Children’s Decor help you and I am sure that you will not be disappointed and you will feel that you have gotten excellent value for an excellent price.

Good Night!!!

win treehouseCOMPETITION TIME: Stand the chance of winning an amazing nursery gift pack from Treehouse Children’s Decor for a boy or girl.
This includes: 1 x duvet inner, 1 x pillow inner, 1 x cot bumper, 1 x duvet cover, 1 x pillow case and 1 x play quilt all valued at R1 799!!! All you have to do is check out the Treehouse Children’s Decor Website HERE and tell us on our Facebook Page HERE: What does Treehouse Children’s Decor create for children?

Competition closes 25th April 2017 at midnight.


  1. Creating Dreams Spaces for children ..
    I love their stuff .. I always admire their furniture and products on their website… if only I could afford it …

  2. Treehouse Children’s Decor create dream spaces for children..

    Treehouse Children’s Decor helps you create the perfect nursery.



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