Caboodle and Pigeon – Your Ultimate Travel Companions

When travelling with a baby and toddler one packs all the “essentials” that you would expect to use; wet wipes, suntan cream, an emergency kit, nappies and toiletries. Especially if you are a first time mom – you walk around with so many things that you don’t actually really need.

As a mother I am crafty, finding a solution for every problem or incident that occurs and I like to have these conventional products handy to save the day. #SuperMom

So in preparation for my holiday travels I want to give you a breakdown of my necessities and their uses.

First and foremost one needs an everyday, ultralight bag which is easily accessible whether it is on the floor by your feet in the car, hanging on the back of a pram or next to you on the sand.
This bag needs loads of compartments for all your baby “stuff” and your mommy stuff too.

caboodle bagI love this bag by Caboodle Everyday PISA bag as it ticks all the boxes and is sturdy enough to hold everything without the straps breaking. It also has a clear plastic pouch in it, which is great to put suntan creams into.

Wet Wipes – If there is one item that you cannot do without on holiday or every day for that matter it is wet wipes. If you haven’t had a baby, then you would not know of the 100’s of uses that they have from wiping dirty bums to getting stains out of fabric (look out for our next article on that). Try and opt for non-scented wet wipes, so that everyone in the family can use them (including dad) and not smell like a baby.

pigeon baby wipesWhat’s super awesome about these wipes from Pigeon, which happen to be 99% pure water, unscented and are alcohol free, is that the pack comes in 30’s so that it fits perfectly into your handbag or cubbyhole and won’t weigh down your baby bag.

pigeon 82 tub wet wipesFor the beach though I would not recommend anything less than a BIG pack of wet wipes to cleanup messes, wipe suntan cream off of hands and gently wrap seashells in.

It’s a good idea to keep your pack of wet wipes in a separate plastic packet to prevent sand/dirt from getting into the pack if it falls on the ground.

pigeon hand and mouth wipesHand and Mouth Wipes are great to wipe up messes on your toddlers mouth without putting an artificial taste near their tongue, which would spoil any appetite and delicious after taste . Also what’s great is that these hand and mouth wipes are made with food grade ingredients and are alcohol free. Again I like to minimize weight and space so the smaller 20’s pack is nice for on-the-go whilst the 60’s pack is great to keep in a permanent eating spot, such as by the highchair. It’s also nice to use them to wipe down fruit and veggies with them before eating or to wipe that sucker that dropped on the floor midway.

child with lollipop

mosquito wipes pigeonI am always so concerned about my kids getting bitten by mosquitoes and I find it so difficult to spray them with mosquito repellent. I also find that some roll-ons are very strong that they actually take your breath away. I always thought that it would be a brilliant idea to have wet wipes that had mosquito repellent on it, which you could just wipe over skin without making your little one feel violated. Well guess what. . . I found them and they are also part of the Pigeon range of products, giving me peace of mind that they are safe on skin and that they are very effective, even on adults. I use about 2 wipes for myself and 1 wipe for each child to cover them well.

antibacterial wipes pigeonAnti-Bacterial Wipes – If you are OCD like me, then these are awesome for when your kids have been playing in public places or with communal toys. Also nice to keep close by for when little hands have touched escalators and the floor and walls in public toilets. Nice for mommy and friends to use before handling a tiny baby, as well as, for after you have finished in the loo, even though you have washed your hands with soap and water you somehow always have to touch the public door whether it be with your elbow or the tip of your elbow to maneuver it open. Another awesome use is for wiping down trolleys before your kids sit down in them.

disposable bibs pigeonI cannot stress my fondness for disposable baby bibs! They may not have the same chichi look as cute material bibs, but seriously who has time to wash and dry bibs when on holiday and the other question that I ask is: what do you do with the dirty bib when it is completely covered in “smush” ? Do you just shove it back in your nice and clean baby bag? Yuck.

Disposables make a great alternative. They take up hardly any space, are easy to dispose of, are absorbent and have a waterproof backing. They also have an adhesive tab at the back to secure so that you can change the bib to a suitable size for your babe and have a little pouch to collect food particles that drop down when you are feeding your little one.

pigeon soapI love minis and I love space saving practicalities so why would you want to take full sized baby skin and hair products on holiday? I am brand loyal and I love using products that are all from the same brand house. This ideal travel pack has all the necessities in it, such as liquid soap, baby powder, baby lotion (delicious), baby oil (not made from real babies), shampoo (no more cradle cap) and a mini bar of soap – the Pigeon Skincare Compo Pack <3. These products contain organic extracts from the Jojoba and Chamomile plants. Jojoba has a natural, long-lasting and unique fragrance and is known for centuries for its anti-inflammatory properties which is suitable for eczema sufferers.  Chamomile assists together with the Jojoba plant to moisturise and nourish baby’s skin keeping it silky soft and delicately fragranced.


Even if you prefer to take full size product with you, it’s good to keep these minis handy in your baby bag as they have multiple uses so that you are always prepared like MacGyver.

Tip: Baby Powder is great to keep on the beach to get beach sand off of skin. Just sprinkle over sandy areas and rub down.

pigeon nose cleanerAnd lastly a nose cleaner will often come in handy to suction snot or nasal build up from little one’s nose if they are sick ,as well as, if sea water goes up the nose (that is the worst feeling, even for an adult). This also makes a great water fight toy for the beach if your little one has learnt to blow their nose and no longer requires assistance to suction.

One thing I always recommend when travelling on a plane, especially for long flights, is having everything that you need ready so that you can just grab and go. Aeroplane toilets literally scare me and having to put my baby down on a public changing table is gross. You want to be as quick as possible and have to touch as little as possible, so have a separate packet (or a few of these dependent on the flight length) stocked with a disposable changing mat, a nappy for one change, a small pack of wet wipes and a tiny tub of bum cream, so that after you have changed baby you can simply throw the whole pack away and not have to return it back into your neat, tidy and clean baby bag. Yes I know I’m a bit crazy. . .

Same thing on the beach. Try to return to your hotel room/accommodation with less than you went to the beach with.

My final suggestion is: Just be prepared and be organised.





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