The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt

easter bunny featured image Easter is a fun time of year for toddlers and kids! It is a sign of so many things; rebirth, family time, the Easter Bunny, Easter Egg Hunts and more! Together with Johnson’s Baby, we wanted to create the Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt for your toddlers!

Step 1) Invite your kids’ friends and your mommy and daddy friends as well – there will be chocolate and there will be tons of excitement for the sweet tooths as well as hunting high and low! Mom and dad be ready with your cameras and get “egg”cited!

Step 2) Leave Easter Bunny tracks! The kids will love waking up on Easter morning to find that the Easter Bunny has left them a personalised note and a few bunny tracks pointing them in the direction of the hidden eggs.

Step 3) Buy/make your own Easter Eggs. Are you going to hide plastic-treat-filled eggs or hand decorated, hard boiled eggs? Either way, you’ll need to prep your eggs ahead of time (don’t forget the one-of-a-kind golden egg). When kids know there is “special buried treasure” involved, like the one-of-a-kind golden egg left by the Easter Bunny, they’re likely to take the hunt a little more seriously!

decorated easter eggs1 decorating easter eggs

decorated easter eggs for kids easter eggs decorated
Step 4) Now comes the fun part (for you): hiding the eggs. Don’t let the kids see the hidden eggs in your wardrobe or kitchen before-hand (this is where things get a little tricky, with toddlers always wanting to explore). Wake up early, before your little ones, to hide the Easter Eggs so that they don’t know where the hidden “treasure” is.

child looking for easter eggsStep 5) Remember to hide the eggs on different levels; make kids climb over things, dig in the sand and climb through tunnels (extra parent spacial awareness points for this one!).

Step 6) Create a pirate’s map with clues as to where the buried “treasure” is hidden. (The bunny tracks will give them a general idea, but the map will help them find the treasure). You can task the kids with finding a variety of different objects hidden around the garden (like four blue eggs, six yellow eggs, two chocolate eggs etc) before the time is up.

boy looking for easter eggsStep 7) Make sure you have some baskets at hand for the collection of the Easter Eggs – if you don’t have baskets, shopping bags work just fine!

Step 8 ) Paint bunny noses and whiskers on everyone and create “egg”cellent Easter faces!

Step 9) Begin the Easter Egg Hunt! Help your toddlers to find the eggs, then proceed to help them consume copious amounts of chocolate.

Step 10) Don’t forget safety – make sure that everyone is wearing sunscreen and is hydrated!

Step 11) Do some fun activities: Do an Egg Run! Give each child a spoon and an egg. A hard boiled, decorated egg works best for this game because the egg will most likely crack if it’s dropped. Have the children place the egg on the spoon and have them balance it there for the duration of the race, either across the lawn or through an obstacle course, depending on the age-range you’re working with.

decorated easter eggs (1)Step 12) No matter who you’re planning on inviting to your Easter Egg Hunt, the key is to have fun! Share in lots of laughs and wash off the day’s fun and dirt with JOHNSON’S® Gentle Protect. Above all, allow your kids to have fun, explore and discover! Go with the flow and focus on the kids, and you’re sure to have an Easter Egg Hunt the kids will be raving about!