The stress of going back to work and leaving your child. . .


In my last article about childcare I introduced you to a brilliant concept I came across called AuPair Express (

And one of the big questions that I had after that article is “why would you want to hire a qualified nanny or au pair for your kids”?

The answer for me is simple: HappyMommy=HappyBaby

Knowing that your baby is being looked after with love and in a safe environment with stimulation is enough to make any mother, especially a working mother, more relaxed resulting in higher productivity.

You may be familiar with a concept called Maslows Hierarchy of Needs and in a nutshell it looks at what a person needs to “grow”.

maslows hierarchy of needs

One cannot become a whole and complete being unless these “levels” are attained and often due to certain circumstances and varied reasons, we as parents are sadly unable to fulfill all these needs 24/7/365 and it is at this point that we need to bring in some assistance to help render our children into complete beings.

Here is a perfect example: As a mother you may be able to provide your child with the physiological needs incorporating clothing, shelter, food and water, yet when you leave your child to go to work you are unable to contribute to your little ones social belonging as you cannot personally take them to religious services, birthday parties or even school/playschool events; resulting in them not building social connections, community and stimulation. But having a right hand person who can take your little one safely and with good intent to these types of occasions or simply over to the next door neighbours children, contributes to their social belonging needs.

I am not saying that as a mother you can simply hand over your responsibility for your children, but when you need the support it’s nice to know that this back up exists.

It’s also awesome to have a loving person with a different approach and good outlook on life around your treasured possession. You may not be an outdoor parent and only enjoy/feel comfortable doing indoor things with your kids, but bring in someone who loves the outdoors and magic happens – your kids are exposed to something new that is not a part of you.

aupair expressWhat I love about the caring people that you can hire from AuPair Express is that they have all been screened, they have references , they come with child care experience and qualifications and very often are up to date with new methods and teachings on certain topics, ideas and games which you may not know of. Again providing something beneficial and different to your child.

The fact that you are selecting help from AuPair Express comes with the bonus that there is some sort of recourse and accountability taken by AuPair Express. It is not like just hiring someone through someone elses brothers uncles friends daughter! You are offered a guarantee and with that comes security and comfort in the person you hire.

Bringing in help does cost. But if you are able to prioritise your monthly expenditure in such a way that your children’s safety and well being is most important, then bringing in the best care that you can afford is certainly worth it’s weight in gold resulting in a HappyBaby=HappyMommy.

happy baby =happy mommy

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