The Pregnancy book that should be a standard issue . . . Pregnancy Sense

Reviewed by Amanda Rogaly, founder of BabyYumYum

pregnancy-sense-imageIts not often that one has the privilege of reading an authors “work in progress” chapter before it is presented in its final form to the publisher  so imagine my surprise when in a little coffee shop in Rondebosch, co- author Meg Faure handed me chapter one of her latest book, “Pregnancy Sense” to read over. And what was even more delightful was that the first line of this opening chapter introduces the pregnant character , whose name just happens to be. . . yours truly, Amanda.

Purely coincidental, I know, but I still like to pretend that I inspired the character. After all who doesn’t want to be mentioned in the next book of a successful brand series?

What I truly love about this book, is that it is written in a sentimental yet informative manner which covers all areas of pregnancy including the angst that goes with it; from deciding to fall pregnant,  the changes to your body and ending off with the complete metamorphosis/transformation that your psyche undergoes the moment you are officially declared pregnant.

Some pregnancies are perfect text book cases – where conception was easy, followed by no morning sickness, only the necessary weight gain and then a perfect blissful birthing experience. That is, however, rarely the case and every pregnancy is different and the approach to each pregnancy needs to be different. Which is what this book manages to achieve – you can scan each chapter for information that you need, or you can get locked in and read every single word with intent.

One of the other sections that I loved was a look into how your pregnancy affects your relationships, as often we become very self absorbed during pregnancy and forget about the other people in our lives, who remain by our sides during this process.

The book is neutral and is about making informed decisions allowing you to feel empowered. It honours the fact that many choices are available, as well as welcoming same sex couples to read the book, whilst acknowledging them as the “primary care giver” and “partner”.

Not only are first time pregnancies covered, but the topic of dealing with siblings, as well as, twins is focused on too.

For me one of the most important things in any pregnancy and birth is the inclusion of the babies father , which is often very foreign and very frightening for a man, but with the practical approaches in this book, it allows the opportunity for the father to be a phenomenal experience which can only have positive effects on the baby.

Some instantly connect with their baby during pregnancy, but if you don’t . . . it’s okay and as the book says that bonding with your baby is a journey – so accept where you are on the journey and know that your outlook can change on a daily basis.

Pregnancy Sense also deals with all the interesting and sometimes embarrassing questions like, sex during pregnancy, is it safe to have aromatherapy massage and why and what causes you to constantly have to “blame the dog” for a mysterious odour.

A large chunk of the book deals with emotions as well as tapping into and using various support channels around you, which some moms-to-be, feel do not exist.

I see so many of my friends battling to fall pregnant and this book acknowledges this and speaks of ways to naturally increase fertility.

Yes, this book offers the norms about your babies development at certain weeks in utero, supplements and exercise, but for me the most pertinent point about this book is that it educates and supports you to be ready for your baby’s entry into the world in a very holistic manner.

I would definitely rate this book as one of my top pregnancy books that I feel should be a prerequisite for every pregnant women and man.

Book Details:

Title: Pregnancy Sense
Authors: Meg Faure, Jacky Searle and Heather Wood
Publication date: 2016
Publisher: Metz Press
Available at: Bargain Books and other leading book stores. Online from TakeALot and Loot.
Recommended Retail Price: R185


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