Teething OWWWWW – I have found one complete range to help. . . Trust me I am now an expert on teething items. . .


baby-teething-pigeon-products-reviewYikes – when did getting teeth become so painful?  I am sure that it wasn’t this bad when I was a baby.
My little princess of 11 months looks a little like an angry dragon who has stood on a thorn with her red cheeks, restlessness energy and constant moans.
A few months ago she acquired 2 teeth overnight, and I just knew that they were coming after the constant slobbering, red face and general unhappiness a few days before.  Now, every morning I  pry my fingers into her mouth to feel if there are anymore arrivals and apart from getting my finger bitten by her 2 front teeth (ouch), all I feel is NOTHING.

It must be so frustrating to feel such intense and ongoing pain and not being able to communicate with words about your discomfort.
In my search to comfort my daughter I honestly can say that I have tried so many “things” and have a draw full of  so called “pain relieving and comforting items”, not to mention very strange shaped items rolling around in my car amongst the dummies and toys.

My quest has included:
A strange rubbery animal with a pretentious french name and long neck. The attraction didn’t last very long after I put it in the dishwasher and the squeak disappeared – Bad Mommy.
Keeping a vial of brandy in my cubbyhole and in my baby bag to rub on gums and silence the pain when out and about . I’m not really sure if this numbed the pain or just made my baby have a lovely sleep – but I felt like my friends and family would think that I’m an alcoholic if they came into my car or scratched through my baby bag so I ditched that one.
Then there was a multitude of official teething toys and bibs with “teething/chewy” bits on for baby to press down on – some really silly because you can’t wash them due to the bells, balls or other safe jingly jangle features of them – Yuck!
Biltong- An all time favourite that I swear by, but after about 10 minutes of slobbering on that raw meat, it is quiet revolting and messy, same goes for dried mango.
Wet facecloths that have been cooled in the fridge – good for home, but not the most practical when going out and trying to keep clothes dry, especially in winter.

But hallelujah , there is hope . I have come across a phenomenal range of very understated and easily available teething products, just by chance.

I feel like I’m really sharing my top secrets with you now, so standby. . .


When my first daughter was born I was given the Pigeon Trainer Toothbrush Set as a gift and I put it at the back of her cupboard for when I thought she would need it. That was a distant memory and a sadly forgotten about gift. So imagine my surprise when a few months ago I was doing some “spring cleaning” and literally out of the cupboard fell this teething toothbrush set. My second baby happened to be sitting on the floor next to me and started to point to the set with great enthusiasm. So I proceeded to open it, rinse it and give her the first teething toothbrush in the set, which she placed in her mouth and ground her gums onto. This provided instant satisfaction for her, amazement for me and lots of slobber – WOW!


It literally looks like a hedgehog combined with toothbrush, which is made out of very pliable plastic (Elastomer Rubber) and has a small disk that stops the toothbrush from being jammed too far into the mouth. The set then consists of another 2 “toothbrushes” age appropriate (8-12 months and then 12 months) which is great for the teething, whilst allows for the easy transition to a real toothbrush.

I put teething gel onto the brushes before giving to my baby, so that once it is in her month it not only massages the gums, but also numbs and soothes. This is now my favourite baby shower gift, as it is something that no mommy really thinks about, or in many cases even knows about. I believe that it is a vital item for your nursery and baby bag.

The next few items I came across whilst perusing the Pigeon display stand, which I actually think is a completely underrated brand, as they have so many practical products which are great value for money:


How awesome is this training teether for 4+ months. My baby loves it and so do I. It has so many different points to gnaw and suck on . Some parts are hard and others are soft and flexible. The body is made of Hydrogenated Styrene-Isoprene Copolymer and the rings are made of ABS Resin. Its easy to grip and is designed in such a way that all the parts can fit into the mouth one way or another. It also has little coloured movable rings (they are safe because they are not detachable) which makes it even more interesting. It’s actually pretty strange looking and I refer to it as a windmill, which my baby gets super excited about when I ask her if she wants the windmill.


As with all the Pigeon products this training teether has a stage 2 (7+months) which is a very similar concept of different hardness and textures but is better suited to the slightly bigger mouth and finer grip of a 7 month and older baby. What we really love about this is that the “biting parts”, which look like flower petals are hollow plastic, so that baby can really bite down as intensely as they desire, and because they are hollow the air constantly circulates in these hollow bits so the saliva doesn’t collect, it dries up.
Great to hold and made of fun colours, which  make this attractive and functional.

What’s really fab about all of these items, is that they are easy to wash and sterilise too and I have managed to hook them all onto chains and rings so that they don’t fall out the pram.


Pigeon is great as they have these innovative products, but also the well known tried and tested items such as the cooling teethers, which are BPA free plastic filled with sterilised water, which you can put in the fridge to allow for instant soothing of little one’s gums. Pigeon has these in the shape of a strawberry, an apple and a carrot. My baby is not the biggest fan of these and neither am I as they always end up on the floor, but many other mommies swear by these for relief.


And lastly in the teething range there is the Infant Toothbrush Set with a uniquely angled bristle brush for rear teeth and another for front teeth. It is never too soon to start to brush your babies gums and tiny teeth to get any milk, sugar and food deposits off of their gums and  get them used to a foreign object (being a toothbrush) inside of their mouths.

So in a nutshell your baby’s mouth and soon to be teeth care is handled from start to finish and you can be assured that you have made the investment to give your baby, what I believe is the best range of teething items on the market.


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