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sick child playing with stethoscope and teddy bear-min
Keeping your child home from school or daycare can be a tough call. You don’t want them to miss out on their education, but you also don’t want them to contaminate other children – and will you have to take leave from work to stay home with them? These symptoms...
whatibringtomycommunity down syndrome
People with Down syndrome are valuable members of our community.
wear lots of socks
Wear #LotsOfSocks on 21 March and get people talking about World Down Syndrome Day.
em-eukal sweets
Moms can treat themselves to a new taste sensation with a packet of Dr Soldans Em-eukal bonbons These mouth-watering, sugar-free range of high-quality sweets are aimed at the health and weight conscious markets. Em-eukal sweets come in four delicious flavours: Eucalyptus (fresh minty), Ginger-Orange (spicy citrus), Lemon (refreshingly tangy) and...