It’s squeaky clean if it’s done with steam!

Everyone knows that you have to sterlise your baby’s bottles and dummies for the first year of your baby’s life, whilst there immune system is still developing, or maybe my assumption is wrong.

We recently published one of our many enormously popular downloadable resources that dealt with cleaning and sterlising bottles (How to wash and sterilise baby bottles).

But a common question that came out of that is the dilemma of choosing a microwave steriliser versus an electric steriliser.

So I started to do some research and looked for a brand that offers both options in order to do a direct comparison – NUK.

Micro Express Microwave Steam Steriliser VS Vapo Rapid Steam Steriliser

nuk microwave steriliser nuk electric steriliser




Up to 4 bottles can be sterilised at once Up to 6 bottles can be sterilised at once
Comes with tongs for hygiene and safety Measuring beaker, bottle tongs, accessories’ basket and a bottle holder for 6 NUK Bottles are included
Sterilises in 4 minutes Sterilises in 8 minutes
Fits all standard size bottles Fits all standard size bottles
No chemicals required No chemicals required
Cannot be used for soothers and PA bottles Safe for all bottles and soothers
Requires electricity Requires electricity and preparation/storage area
It is dishwasher safe Items remain hygienic for 24 hours  if steriliser is unopened
Sterilisation time can differ due to microwaves wattage Operating light and automatic switch-off


Compact, light weight and easy for travel Ergonomical and modern design

including a free 2-in-1 bottle brush & breast milk storage container to the value of R229

R2 299.99

including  a free 2-in-1 bottle brush & breast milk storage container to the value of R229

nuk sterilisers

I suppose that your decision comes down to your budget and lifestyle and that is why there are both options available.

Always just remember to be careful when working with any steam and keep little ones away.

worried womanHELP!

I also had so many questions or comments about “things” that happened to bottles when using a steriliser and therefore want to address some of these common “problem” areas.

Most of these issues resulted from not sterilising correctly or not following the instructions.

I know that we hardly read any instructions these day but it’s a good idea to when it involves heat and anything to do with your baby.

Q:My bottle always leaks and has sometimes “exploded” when I pour boiling water into it and then seal it when sterilising it.

A: Boiling water creates steam and this steam needs to have an outlet to escape. If this steam is contained in a space and is not allow to escape, the pressure builds up forcing the water to drip out of any weak areas such as the lid.

The best option would be to pour boiling water over all the parts separately and not over the fully assembled bottle as this will not allow for any pressure build up and leaks.

If you are using either the microwave or electric steriliser, again put in all parts separately.

Q: My bottle seems to have melted and changed shape when I put it in the microwave steriliser?

A: Read the instructions. In this day and age of convenience the microwave steriliser is convenient, and if used strictly in accordance with the detailed instructions it will work well. However, if the temperature exceeds 160° Celsius, the melting point of Polypropylene (PP), which is Bisphenol A (BPA) free and is a softer plastic than Polycarbonate PC) which does contain BPA, the bottles or steriliser will melt and it is difficult to monitor the temperature of a microwave.

Another reason could be that you used too little water or your microwave’s wattage was to high.

Q: The pretty pictures and designs on my bottles keep coming off after the sterilisation process.

A: This sounds like a direct result of prolonged use of harsh chemicals and bleach which lifts the print and then the heat from the steriliser causes the prints to literally melt off. LEARNING – select safe and appropriate cleaning products.

Q: After sterilising my bottles in the microwave steriliser there is always one bottle that is boiling hot and the rest of just warm.

A: Ouch and I bet it’s always the boiling hot one that you touch!! This is probably due to the fact that you have a hot spot in your microwave.

To determine if it is your microwave warm some milk in a cup. If the one side of the cup is warmer than the other then you have hot spots. Solution: Get a new microwave or don’t use a microwave steriliser.


If you have any other questions then this is the place to ask them!!