Safe and Stylin’ Summer in a Sassy Sportage


mom car soccer momI never thought I would ever be  a “soccer mom”, you know the one who drives the big car and piles the kids in to do the school run and afternoon activities.

But the reality is that my life, which is actually the life of my kids, doesn’t allow me to have that sleek convertible which I used to so enjoy driving in my pre-mom life.

dog convertible car

Firstly as a mom one feels safer being higher and surrounded by more car, like a mother hen protecting her chicks in her nest.

Secondly the space that one needs to put prams and shopping in the boot as well as car seats and a multitude of bags and other kiddie stuff including toys, food, extra clothing etc etc is paramount!

So a soccer mom car is a necessary evil, but secretly I love it 😉

With the school holidays coming up and with a 2 and 4 year old, the planning and logistics of this time period are definitely going to be fondly rewarded with a holiday in Umhlanga.

This is a holiday which we will drive to, and during this drive I will truly be grateful for my “utility” vehicle, which bears the pay off line “Made to Wow”.

kia sportage

But why is the Kia Sportage so WOW and ideal for a family holiday?

  • Price – starting at R369 995 you can buy this family car, and have some extra cash to actually go on holiday. That works out to R4 999 p/m.
  • kia sportageIt comes with an unlimited kilometer, 5 year warranty, so you know that if anything goes wrong with the vehicle, you will be taken care of. No questions asked.
  • The comfort and safety of the car – This is a HUGE factor when selecting a family car. The space in the vehicle definitely lends itself to the comfort and the fact that all safety aspects that you would expect plus more are included. The car is structurally reinforced with ultra-high tensile steel making it an extremely advanced body shell.
  • kia sportageThe finishes – the interior doesn’t feel “plasticky” and quality materials have been used.
  • Storage space – perfect size boot space for almost everything and the interior boasts clever little storage items, such as a place for your sunglasses, and for bigger loads the back seats fold down too.
  • I think the feature that I love the most is the wireless smart phone charging. Long trips especially when using the navigation app on your phone or allowing your kids to be a little DJ and choose the music for the trip results in your phone battery dying very quickly and just when you need to plug your phone into the charger, you realise that someone (cough cough usually my husband) has taken it out the car and misplaced it. . . All that is a thing of the past. . . now you just have to charge your phone using the electromagnetic field created by the radio console in the car. Good riddance to cables!!!!!
  • kia sportageA 7-inch touch screen with navigation and AUX/USB connection is now offered which helps you plan and navigate your trip with just a few steps.
  • As a driver you aim to be ahead of everyone else on the road by being aware and ready to face any situation in order to keep your family safe, and having a little extra help is priceless. That’s why I love BSD. No it’s not an S&M term but rather means Blind Spot Detection and using radar sensors in the rear bumpers the driver is alerted if there is a vehicle in your blind spot when changing lanes.
    kia sportage
  • Aircon and central locking – I know that this is a standard feature in most vehicles today, but one that I feel is sooooo important. Nothing worse than arriving at your destination in a grumpy mood because everyone is hot and unsettled. Central locking. . . well I’m not sure how we drove around safely without it before.
  • kia sportageThe panoramic roof – the kids just love this as the whole of the roof is glass allowing the kids to look up at the clouds or the stars. It’s like a little space ship and makes playing “I Spy With My Little Eye” a lot more interesting.
  • It has a tank for fuel of 62 litres, which allows you to travel a good distance before fulling up.
  • The full size spare wheel give you peace of mind that if you get a flat you can continue your journey after changing the wheel and not have to reduce your speed as if you would while driving on a “biscuit wheel”.
  • kia sportageBluetooth connectivity allows for your calls to be made and answered hands free with no cables and even better, if your phone falls under your seat or gets lost amongst the travel games in the back, you can still make and receive calls safely.
  • Even the entry level model comes with rear park distance control, which makes those stressful reversing moments easier and you will still look like a rock star driver to your family.
  • kia sportage kia sportageSteering wheel remote controls means that you don’t have to take your eyes off the road for a second to control sound volume, call answering or cruise control. Just let your hands work it out.
  • Unlimited roadside assistance – this is not a nice to have, it’s a necessity in today’s times and it is standard with all models.
  • It has very comfortable space for 2 car seats. A must have!!!

With all these offerings, why would you choose to fly to your destination or pile your kids into a teeny tiny car, or spend an insane amount of money on petrol/diesel?

Rather save up for this all round brilliant value vehicle and enjoy the journey and the WOW!! Not all the Sportages have these features, but with 12 different derivatives there’s something for every family.

kia sportage

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