SPARK Schools Pledges Transformation for South African Education


spark schools feature“Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

In a country where privatisation works (private security companies, private hospitals, private, private, private), the reality is that private education is favoured to ensure that your child receives focused attention, facilities that allow them to flourish and teachers that empower them to become the best human beings they can be, who contribute positively to society.

SPARK Schools Pledges Transformation for South African Education

Network of Affordable Independent Schools “Unlocking the Nation’s Potential”

spark schoolsJohannesburg, South Africa: SPARK Schools, a network of affordable independent schools in South Africa, has launched its “Society Shapers” campaign.  The campaign, which highlights the network’s commitment to “sparking greatness” in children through SPARK’s innovative education model, celebrates SPARK’s role in addressing South Africa’s education crisis.

spark schoolsThe “Society Shapers” campaign focuses on SPARK School’s desire to act as a change agent and thought leader in education and South African society at large.  CEO Stacey Brewer states, “Our vision is for South Africa to lead global education and for SPARK Schools to drive transformation in South African education to unlock the nation’s potential. South African families are desperate for affordable, high quality schooling options, and SPARK’s innovative education model provides exactly that.  We believe in the potential of all South African children to make a positive impact on their communities and the country as a whole.”  Since its founding in 2012, SPARK School’s personalised learning model has been recognised for its success in delivering a rigorous and engaging academic experience with an emphasis on social-emotional development and core values.

spark schoolsThe network’s schools are located in transition zones between previously disadvantaged and affluent areas, creating a catchment space that bridges historical financial and racial boundaries and nurtures a diverse student body. Fees are affordable in terms of middle class and working class incomes, with annual tuition well below the rates charged by most private and former-Model C schools.  For 2017, annual tuition is R19 100, paid over ten months.  Brewer notes, “We benchmark our fees at or below government’s reported total cost to educate a child annually.  Our schools are financially sustainable on student tuition alone, and SPARK does not receive subsidies or donations on top of tuition.  Yet, we are able to offer a globally competitive education to our students.”

spark schoolsThis campaign coincides with the first announcements of the network’s expansion in 2018.  In June, SPARK Schools publicly announced the January 2018 openings of SPARK Turffontein, in southern Johannesburg, and SPARK  Theresa Park, in Pretoria North.  To date, SPARK Schools has opened eleven (11) schools in Gauteng and the Western Cape serving over 4,000 students in Grades R-6.

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