Beautiful, natural hair with Johnson’s Soft & Shiny Range


Trying to wash little Florence’s hair has always proven to be a very difficult task with lots of moans and resistance and I was always worried that the products I was using would cause long term damage and cause her hair to break and fall off.

Our bath routine last week was a bit different. . .

I first started out by introducing my daughter to a new hair care range and then getting her excited about washing her hair that night.

Bring out the Johnson’s Baby Soft and Shiny hair care range.

Johnsons Soft and Shiny Range
flo with johnsons baby soft and shiny shampooWe opened the shampoo and smelt it and then had to guess the scent.

I then told her to get her dolly that has the messiest and knottiest hair and that we were going to make magic.

We  washed her dolly’s hair with the shampoo and then put the conditioner in, combed it through and washed it off.

barbie with messy hair“Wow mommy, look! So shiny and smooth”, was what Flo said and she was very excited to jump into the bath and try it out on her own hair.

We had such a fun bath with a great hair washing session with no tantrums and little Flo wanted to be just like her dolly and rub the conditioner into her hair too.

The best part of the bath was when we sprayed the “magic fairy” spray into her damp hair and combed it through with such ease. (This easy comb spray can also be used on dry hair which makes it perfect for days between washes and to ease early morning hair brushing sessions before school.)

flo with johnsons baby soft and shiny range Flo with johnsons easy comb spray
I think that the secret in the shampoo, conditioner and easy comb spray is the added glycerine, Pro vitamin B5 and other moisturising ingredients and best of all is that all the products have the NO MORE TEARS® formula.

Flo just loves washing her hair now and I love how our bath sessions have actually enhanced our relationship, as there is no more crying, but rather laughs and fun with the outcome of happy and shiny hair.

Johnsons baby soft and shiny shampooJohnsons baby soft and shiny conditionerJohnsons baby soft and shiny easy comb spray

Win with johnson's soft and shiny (1)Competition Time: You could win an amazing Soft & Shiny hamper worth R250 and a R250 Toy Kingdom Voucher! All you have to do is tell us on our Facebook Page Here: How many products are in the Johnson’s Soft & Shiny hair care range?

Competition closes 7 May 2017 at midnight.



  1. There’s 3 lovely products. Would love to try them on my baby’s hair. She has very coarse hair that’s hard to manage.

  2. 3 Products
    1. Johnson’s baby soft and shing shampoo
    2. Johnson’s baby soft and shiny conditioner
    3. Johnson’s baby easy comb spray


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