Win a pair of ShooShoos!

I love my little noonoopie’s feet so much I literally could just eat them. Babies feet are just squishy and fleshy and soft and they have a special smell.


I also think it is so cute how they constantly curl their toes in and don’t easily put their feet flat, which makes putting shoes on them a real challenge. Baby shoes are damn cute but damn impractical too. You can’t get them on properly, they make poor baby’s feet sweat, they are hard (this concerns me, as surely it must affect the normal development of tootsies), they are outgrown so quickly – in literally weeks and with my daughter the one keeps falling off, as it is apparent that her right foot is a “tiny” bit smaller than the left.

I have had moments of sheer frustration that I have just abandoned the idea of my daughter wearing shoes and taken her out with no shoes on – shock and horror, which just goes against my crazy, although substantiated Victorian value that children should wear foot coverings when anywhere other than at home.

My baby is crawling and any crawling baby mamma will agree that just looking at babies knees and feet after a crawling session is painful, not to mention the amount of dirt that accumulates. You may have the most spotless house, but guaranteed your baby will pick up the dirt.

So I have partially solved the sore knee problem with those knee guards or long pants, but apart from wearing socks (in the heat of summer) I could only find hard and constricting shoes and couldn’t solve the sore and dirty feet problem. . .

Fast forward a few months to now – the stage where my baby is now not only crawling but also standing up and in a few weeks will be walking and again my practical, easy, comfortable and decent looking shoe hunt has emerged again.

I believe that everything happens in life at specific times and at this time in my soon to be walking baby’s life, I was contacted by a proudly South African baby footwear company to try out a pair of their shoes.  You my have seen the brand or heard about them, but their catchy name sure does stick – ShooShoos.

ShooShoosMy entire experience in dealing with and acquiring a pair of ShooShoos was so enjoyable and my quest has been accomplished. Why?

Apart from being available at many baby stores they have the option of being available online at – BIG PLUS FOR THAT CONVENIENCE .

All the styles are clearly shown online and you can search for exactly what you are looking for based on season, style, sex or size.  They also have a very easy sizing chart to make sure of the perfect fit.

What I also found was that in stores they don’t offer the complete range that they do online.

Because we are between walking and crawling I opted for a style of shoes that had a soft sole, although the hard soled shoes are available from ages 6 months and up.

silver-bells shooshoosThe style I selected is called Silver Bells.

They are incredibly soft, feminine, easy to get on and off and are elasticated at the back to ensure a good fit that the one smaller foot can’t escape out of.

They are pure leather and can be easily wiped and also, if needed, washed by hand in cold water.

This foot covering is great against the hot outdoor floor surfaces which are boiling from the sun, as well as allowing foot flexibility with slight support.

So I ordered my ShooShoos online which includes free nationwide delivery and was advised to expect my shoes within a few days.

I was very eager to get my order and when my shoes didn’t arrive within a few days I contacted the customer care centre via email where by I was responded to very quickly and informed that there had been a small mix up with my order and that the problem had now been rectified and would be delivered the next day.

Well WOW! By 9am the next day they had arrived!

I firmly believe that “things” happen but it is how the “thing” is dealt with that really speaks volumes and for great customer service I give ShooShoos 10 out of 10.

ShooShoosEvery detail has been thought of by ShooShoos who have even put a tag at the back of the closed shoe, which allows you to use the tag to pull the shoes onto the feet.

Even the bag that the shoes come in is clever. This clear, good quality, plastic bag is great for storing bits and bobs in. The filling in the ShooShoos was a type of felt that we used in our pot plants to retain water.

I also recently discovered that ShooShoos is made in Cape Town by previously disadvantaged communities in order to uplift them.

So I know that not only am I doing the best for my baby, but also the best I can do indirectly for a community.

I have already decided to order these hard soled ones for when we start walking entitled Prom Queen – so apt for my little madame.prom-queen shooshoos

One other thing that is a huge advantage is that all the shoes are sized for at least 3 months so you really do get good value out of each pair.

With such awesome designs and so many great (and true) selling points you will be very pleased with your purchase. So go take a look . . . And get a pair at

You can win a pair of ShooShoos by simply telling us: what is the most important feature for you when buying shoes for your baby?