Real life story of pregnancy and the pain of not being able to go to the loo

My Story

I thought I would share my story with you all as I never knew this could happen and would like other pregnant mommies to know what to do if this happens to them.

I have never been a pregnancy ambassador but let me tell you that as a pregnant lady I am so grateful now every single time I need to pee. It may be every 5 minutes and a strain on the existence of all pregnant women out there but there is a rare pregnancy complication where the opposite occurs. When I was about 12 weeks pregnant and a few days after my very first scan when most mommies are starting to feel the excitement and joy of a new life growing Inside of them – I was about to start a journey of agony. It started on the Wednesday when I went to the toilet, there was very little pee. I have been pregnant before so just laughed it off as being the usual “every 5 minute bathroom run” that becomes a standard part of daily routine. On Thursday it was no longer a typical routine and I felt desperate to go to the toilet but nothing would come out. So I became creative – I rocked back and forth on the loo until my bladder could empty and this seemed to work. On Friday night (even though I was an absolute rock queen at this stage) the rocking stopped working. Yet there I was perched with my feet on the seat rocking away to get out whatever liquid I could. The feeling of being really desperate for the loo was a constant and painful part of my life. Dr Google was called and it suggested peeing while standing –again I could get some liquid out and even though I still felt full all the time I wasn’t in agony…. Yet.

But then Saturday came and the rocking and standing did not work. At all. Nothing was coming out. Imagine you are so desperate for the loo but you can’t go to the toilet as you are sitting in traffic… then multiply that by 24 hours. I didn’t want to go to casualty, I was too embarrassed as surely everyone can pee? So I went back to Dr Google and found out that if you have a tilted uterus (which I do) there is a very rare complication that occurs in the early stages of pregnancy whereby the uterus slips backwards and blocks the urethra which in turn prevents any urine from getting out. The best thing to do is go straight to the hospital and get a catheter to relieve the pressure. Sometimes a catheter is left in for a few days until the uterus moves back into position. But I’m petrified of the hospital so I decided to keep trying the alternative methods to pee. So for the rest of the weekend I lay on my back with about 4 pillows under my bottom to lift my uterus up – then I held a towel in place and urinated into the towel. I did this all of Saturday and Sunday and Monday morning – you can only imagine how much fun this is to do when your toddler thinks you making a tower to climb on and you are constantly washing towels. By Monday I was hysterical and in severe agony so I phoned my gynae in tears and got the very first appointment to see him.

My doctor agreed with my self-diagnosis but was horrified that I had let it get to this stage of such pain that I could hardly stand up straight let alone walk anywhere. We did another scan and he had to manually move the uterus and by Monday afternoon my life was starting to get back to normal. It may only have been for one weekend but this was one of the worst and most painful situations I have ever been in and I can honestly recommend that if anyone is going through this, not to bother with the home remedies but to go straight to your doctor or to casualty immediately. The pain gets worse and worse until it has completely dominated your body and you are in agony.

And finally, everytime you need to go to the toilet to urinate, do it with a smile as that means your baby is happy and growing big enough to squash the excess out of you.

Thank you for letting me share my story, Karin Serfontein