Real Life Story of a Prem Baby by Bruche De Bruin

At BabyYumYum, we love sharing peoples personal stories in order to educate and inspire others. This was a personal account that we received this week.

This real life story was shared by brave mom Bruche De Bruin.

I absolutely love your Facebook page/website. It truly is so informative and helpful. For me, at this point I appreciated the notes on breastfeeding and the importance thereof and this is why:

The moment we found out we were pregnant we were just in absolute awe and totally smothered with joy. From day one, we couldn’t wait to meet our precious gift from above.

To be honest, we told all our friends and family without the confirmation from any blood result or scan. I was 5 weeks pregnant at the time.

I immediately downloaded any application related to pregnancy. It being my first pregnancy, there was a lot I didn’t know. I knew I was pregnant and that it would take nine months for us to meet this little person, our little person.

Premature babyElijah was due on 12 May 2017, however I had the privileged to carry my baby boy for only 28 weeks due to ruptured membranes. He was born 21 February 2017 and weighed just 1,090kg. He is an absolute miracle and currently ‘visits’ the Netcare Parklane Hospital doctors and nurses. He is not ready to come home just yet.

For me as a mommy, it has been quite a challenging, educational and emotional ride as I am sure it is for any mommy with a prem baby.

The two most challenging parts of this is leaving my baby who I can do nothing for (at least this is what I thought) at a place far from home, and entering a home filled with a room just for him even though he is not there yet.

Feeling so helpless really demotivated me. I felt, and sometimes still do, that I am not spending enough time with him, that I
am not doing enough, that I am not enough for him. Truth is all I can do is make him feel my love and most importantly breastfeed.

Premature baby premature baby
I will be honest and say that expressing every two to three hours has been the most daunting task I have ever had to do. It felt completely pointless and I have wanted to give up many a time. Elijah didn’t tolerate feeds in the beginning so there was a time and sometimes still is where he is not being fed with breastmilk but rather TPN. It’s a daunting task, firstly because of him not literally breastfeeding, but rather taking feeds through a tube and secondly because he is not with me every two to three hours when I need to express.

premature babyLuckily, I have been blessed with wonderful nursing staff, family and community posts to encourage me to breastfeed and teach me the importance thereof. I now find it much easier to express as I know it’s the only task I can do that will help my little boy grow strong and healthy.

Elijah is due to come home in May and we can’t wait. Every day is different. He has his strong days and his not so strong days. Truth is, he shouldn’t have been born yet and so we need to allow him to mature. I have no doubt that our little boy will get through this and soon feel and experience the love and joy that he deserves.

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