Real Food, Healthy, Happy Children


Real Food, Healthy, Happy Children - review by BabyYumYumYes, this book may look like a recipe/cookbook but it’s so much more than that. This book is about empowering mommies with information to make the best food choices and to give them the tools to confidently change their children’s lives.

Real Food, Healthy, Happy Children is divided into 2 main sections. The first section consists of, what I like to call ‘the stuff’. This is the background and indepth information on diets, health and lifestyle choices. The second section consists of recipes for every mealtime. I have tried almost every recipe in the book on my nearly 3 year old very picky eater and the results have been phenomenal. The best for baby section is also relevant to me as I have an 8 week old and already in my head I’ve started planning for the ‘solids’ phase. This book provides great first food recipes other than bland vegetable purees.

Features I love:

  • I love that this book stands out on my cookery bookshelf (it’s a bright neon orange), which makes it easy to find and draws the attention of my little one.
  • It’s aimed not only at a mommy looking for new things to cook for their kids, but also for a mommy who is keen to understand the dynamics of low carb eating solutions. Kath Megaw’s foresight and attitude to food has inspired a change in the way I prepare my meals, and I now ignore my other cookbooks.
  • I love the fact that there is an easy to use green, orange and red food lists.
  • The illustrations are easy to follow for both mom, kids and caretakers.
  • It is endorsed and supported by many associations and paediatric specialists including the college of paediatricians of South Africa and Meg Faure, co-author of Baby Sense.

Real Food, Healthy, Happy Children, is a text book addressing many health and eating issues from pregnancy and babies right through to young adults (18 years). A huge plus for me is the chapter on raising girls to love their bodies, which I think should be instilled in everyone right from when they understand the concept of what real beauty and self worth is. The holistic approach of this book sets it apart from many other books of the same category.

As mothers, we generally know what healthy eating is, but influences of modern lifestyle and convenience can result in us making poor food choices. This book brings home the message of trusting our intuition and affirming what we already know is right for our family.

The recommended retail price is R335 which equates to an investment of just under R19 per year from birth until your child is 18 years of age. The cost is minimal compared to the knowledge and enrichment that you will get from this authoritative book . This book should be a standard issue parenting book and deserves its place in every kitchen. It is available at most good book stores and online retailers.

Written by Amanda Rogaly, founder of BabyYumYum and mother to two daughters of 3 years and 8 weeks.

Book Title: Real food, Healthy, Happy Children
Author: Kath Megaw
Publisher: Quivertree Publications
First Editon: 2015

Real Food, Healthy, Happy Children - review by BabyYumYum


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