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Megan Faure featured expert for BabyYumYumWhat questions or concerns do you have that you want answered? Our BabyYumYum Expert, Megan Faure, answers the baby behavioural questions you share on our Facebook page. Meg is an Occupational Therapist and co author of Sleep Sense, Baby Sense and Feeding Sense, and we are so pleased that she can help our readers and put their minds at ease.

My 4 months daughter sleeps the whole night without waking up from 7pm till the following morning at around past 8 since birth, at times I wake her up try to feed her but she quickly falls asleep again, is it normal?

She is a star to give you such a good night’s sleep. At 4 months old some babies do sleep through the night and this is fine, as long as your little one is gaining weight and is settled in the day. I do not recommend waking her at night, unless she is not thriving.

My baby is 1 month and a week old, is it normal for a baby to snore so hard and it comes and goes … what might be the problem?

Babies are noisy sleepers and often whimper in their sleep. However, I would want a doctor to check him/her out, especially if he/she seems to gasp for air sometimes in his/her sleep. Record the snoring and take a video to your doctor at the 6-week check.

My baby is nine month old & can’t sleep when he’s not holding me, is it because he’s scared and how can I train him to sleep alone?

If he has been a good sleeper until now and suddenly he is clingy and can’t sleep without you, then it is probably a stage of separation anxiety – when babies become scared or anxious when they can’t see their mom – this can disturb night sleep. It’s a typical stage at 9 months and you can address it by playing separation games such as hide and seek in the day. If this is not something new and he has never been a good sleeper, then it is more likely to be habits that you need to address. For this you would need to sleep train him.

My 2 month baby hasn’t made a pooh since last week … all she does is fart should I be worried.

If she is breastfed, you do not need to worry. Breastfed babies can poo many times a day or only a couple of times a week. If she is formula fed and the poo’s are pellets when she does them then she is constipated and needs to see a doctor for advice.

My baby boy is 2 months and doesn’t sleep for longer than an hour. Day and night. What can I do to help him sleep longer?

Babies sleep cycles are 45 minutes long and some babies do not link sleep cycles, waking each time a sleep cycle ends. You can try to swaddle him or play white noise. It will improve, as he gets older.

How do I stop breast feeding without taking the tablet to dry me up?

The best way to stop breastfeeding, is to wean down the number of feeds slowly, reducing by one milk feed very few days. Replace these feeds with formula or cows milk depending on your baby’s age.

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