A match maid in heaven!!!!

The difficulty of trying to find a domestic worker/nanny is a thing of the past.
The way that nannies/domestic workers have been sourced in a traditional setting is via word of mouth or on a family/friends recommendation.

au pair express blog 1Step in AuPair Express, the newest division of the online platform/app Aupair Express aka “Uber” for au pairs. Finding the perfect person to compliment your house and to bring order into the chaos is kind of like choosing a marriage partner with similar steps.

Step 1

Both marriage and hiring help involves making the decision that you want to have someone in your life to help you and support you.

Step 2

You put out your feelers to determine the best resources to find your perfect match and this is often the hardest part of the process.

au pair expressStep 3

Then you go on the first date, which involves getting to know someone and their background and is much like the initial interview process.
The most important question asked would be – can you trust them and allow them to be close to you and your family?

 Step 4

If you are keen on this potential match, you dig a bit deeper and do background checks (including Facebook) and if everything turns out to be as you expected you then allow this person into your house to meet your family. A BIG step!!!

 Step 5

If everyone accepts this outsider and there is a promising future on the horizon then a formal courtship/employment begins with set expectations, objectives and outcomes.

In the case of finding a nanny/domestic worker all the steps above may seem like a huge investment of time with no guaranteed results.
Well the good news is that AuPair Express makes this process so easy by facilitating everything for you including:

  • listening to your requirements
  • sourcing the potential match for you (who has already been pre-interviewed by AuPair Express)
  • doing all the background checks
  • drawing up employment contracts as well as handling UIF and regulatory requirements
  • providing employees with a payslip
  • and the best part is the support services offered, including a 12 month warranty as well as replacement staff if the employee is unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances.

au pair expressI was very lucky to experience this process first hand with a “trial” of the company and a prospective candidate. My fears of having a stranger in my house and close to my children were overturned with a fun afternoon.

My selected candidate, Agnella, arrived at my house, smartly presented and ready to charge in and play with my children aged 21 months and 4 years for 2 hours, allowing me to get some “stuff” done.

Not only did Agnella come with great references, she also came with CPR and First Aid Training, child care certification as well as having completed a swimming course.

au pair express
Source: http://bit.ly/2tYqPcD

The activities that got underway included riding bikes up and down the drive way, playing with our hedgehog Charlie, climbing the jungle gym, creating a tea party in the garden and making a birthday card for a friend! Agnella was hands on and physically did everything too! What a great playmate for my kids.

I am VERY weary about leaving my kids with someone else, let alone a stranger and at first I played with them and Agnella, then I retreated and just popped in every few minutes and then I stepped back completely just watching from a far. I felt relaxed and confident and had a sense of trust about the situation.

After our 2 hours came to an end we were sad to see Agnella go.

If all the candidates that AuPair Express have on their books are just as competent, genuine and caring as the candidate sent to me then, I can confidently recommend the services of AuPair Express.

au pair expressI believe that a company offering this type of service depends on its credibility to ensure its existence. The stringent checks done on candidates and of course the accountability and recourse that the company has on placements allows you, the overbearing and protective parent (rightly so), to feel more comfortable in the process resulting in the positive outcome of saying “I do” to your match maid in heaven.

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