Massage Help for Tender Tummies

Massage Help for Tender Tummies - BabyYumYumYour baby’s tummy is one of the first places s/he will identify pain. Any distension of smooth muscle (which is what the bowel is made up of) causes pain and discomfort no matter how old you are. Remember that your baby may be showing emotional pain at times, when he is feeling afraid, abandoned and lonely. We all carry emotions in our gut, hence the feelings of “a pit in your stomach” or “butterflies”.

Don’t forget to love and acknowledge your baby’s need for attention and even when there is no physical cause for discomfort, a hug and a love will help with any emotional discomfort.

While there are a few massage strokes that can help with wind and constipation, this is one of my favorites.

When working on your baby’s abdomen, remember to work in the direction of the plumbing! From baby’s right to left, i.e. in a clockwise direction.

Bubble Hunt – place your right hand across your baby’s tummy, with your fingers pointing towards the right hand side of your baby’s body. Let your fingers curl around the side of baby’s abdomen. Gently, sensing into your pressure, ‘walk’ your fingers across your baby’s tummy from his right to his left side as you search for any trapped wind bubbles that are causing pain. In this way you break up any big bubbles into smaller ones that move easily through the bowel. This will also increase the peristaltic movement of the bowel, moving faeces as well.

Doing a little bicycle exercise with your baby’s legs, applying a little pressure onto the belly, can also do wonders to help trapped wind and poo escape. Watch out!!

Using a drop of mandarin and dill essential oil, in five milliliters of grapeseed oil, will aid in calming, digestion and hiccups.

Tina Otte - BabyYumYum ExpertArticle by BabyYumYum expert Tina Otte

Tina is a certified baby massage instructor and delights in helping mothers enhance their bonding with their babies through intentional touch. She is the author of several books on pregnancy and birth and is the specialist editor of Your Pregnancy magazine.