Our deep love for toys


I have a deep love for toys and always have, I mean who doesn’t?

But my love for toys goes beyond the actual idea of having something to play with. It is more the idea that toys bring such joy to individuals receiving them as they are the catalyst to create stories, make believe, build on ideas and develop areas of a child both mentally and physically.

The sad thing is that many toy manufacturers have jumped on the money-making toy band wagon to produce inferior, not to mention dangerous, and unreliable toys.

There is nothing sadder than giving your child a toy to play with and then it stops working after one play session. #TearsAndTissues

I am very selective about the toys that I select for my kids and my preference is always wooden toys for a variety of reasons, but when I need to select a toy which is made out of other materials, such as plastic, my first choice will always be from Fisher Price.

Fisher Price Barn
Source: http://bit.ly/2BiQf6D

As a child my well loved toys were Fisher Price (remember the farm with the barn doors that opened and the till that you inserted the coloured plastic money coins into and that awesome record player that used the plastic, brightly coloured record?).

Fisher Price Record Player
Source: http://www.ebay.com/bhp/fisher-price-record-player

Those happy memories that were created by playing with those toys created a brand loyalty and a trust in Fisher Price.

The quality was and always has been excellent and the highest safety standards have been adhered to. For example all their toys are tied down to the packaging using very large plastic disks that you have to screw off to release the product, as opposed to those terrible little plastic ties that are used by the majority of manufacturers which will undoubtedly find there way into little peoples mouths.  #SafetyHazard

Also all their toys are non-toxic, which allows your little one to lick and slobber on them with comfort.

The place where batteries are inserted needs a cover to be screwed off in order to insert and secure the batteries as opposed to just lifting a plastic tab to insert the batteries.

fisher price toys
Source: http://www.fisher-price.com/en_ZA/index.html

Most of the toys have longevity and can grow with the child depending on their age by offering stage 1, 2 and 3 settings which are more advanced in progressions and offerings.

Now I know for a fact that Fisher Price do loads of research on the development of all their products and that research includes actually watching children play with their toys in their research and development centre in the USA. It is my ultimate dream to be able to go to this play centre and see how the development of toys works.

Even their very basic cute and cuddly toys have changed to suit children’s and society’s trends and developments by updating colours, noises, patterns, textures and of course technology.

Look out for our up coming review on one of our favourite toys. . .


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