How to live a full life when all you want to do is run away


How to live a full life when all you want to do is run away … but you can’t because you are so tired and you’ll forget where you’re going because you have mushy brain!!

Being pregnant is tough on your body. Some feel permanently sick, some are moody and irritable and some are constantly exhausted. Bearing children is not for the fainthearted. It’s tough on your body, your mind and your emotions.

Ask me, a working mother of a 3 year old, an 8 month old and wife to a husband. Your entire being is completely stretched and at times you are so exhausted that it brings you to tears. I must be honest, throughout my journey of being a mother, I have tried so many things to bring me back into balance, catch my breath and give me the energy which was constantly lacking, not to mention the mental agility. Some days I would be full of energy and hyped, that my friends would jokingly ask if I was on speed. The truth is that yes, I “technically” was and would often take a caffeine pill or tablet with a low dose of ephedrine in it to give me a buzz. I told you, I tried everything! Eventually, as your body becomes used to unnatural substances, the effects are not so great. I once again fell into a state of exhaustion, whilst trying to be super mom and wife.

Step in Bio-Strath

Bio-Strath review by BabyYumYumA very good friend of mine who was a mother to 5 children could see my sheer exhaustion and suggested Bio-Strath Elixir.  Ooh, it sounded so intriguing and different and at this stage I was willing to give anything a try. I did lots of research on it and even got the distributor to send me an information pack on it. The positive comments from users and results from various studies intrigued me.

The words that stuck in my mind about this 100% natural nutritional supplement  was that it brings order and balance to the body”. What also excited me was that it is “grown” in Switzerland in a small factory that is situated between rolling hills, completely surrounded by nature – think Heidi living in the mountains – and it is so pure that it is untouched by human hands.  I had to try this and before I tell you my AMAZING experience and results, let me give some more information to back up my results.

What is it?

Friendly yeast is fed a selection of herbs that nourish, support and balance every organ and every system of the human body. (Can you just imagine an animated emoticon lying on a deck chair being fed food by hunky servants waving palm leaves?)After two months of feeding the friendly yeast, oxygen is removed from the tanks so that the yeast can burst open and release a brownish liquid. This liquid is filled with nutrients and that is the main ingredients for Bio-Strath.  This formula has remained unchanged since 1961. It’s made up of 61 different nutrients that the body needs daily but that we often neglect to give our bodies due to various lifestyle reasons.

About 10 days after taking Bio-Strath, I was on top form again and able to better all my running times and distances which left me motivated and able to get closer to my goal weight quicker.

The promoted benefits and my experience

  • Support Memory and concentration: Tick. I had currently taken so much omega oil to try and help bring back my memory that the sea would soon be missing some fishes. This tasted and smelt better and had quicker results that I could actually notice.
  • Support immune system and normal growth: After the births of both my children, my hair became thin and my nails brittle and as a super polished individual, this really bothered me. After a few weeks of taking Bio-Strath, my nails and hair started to “behave” and look like the old days. My constant feeling of a drippy nose and being run down completely disappeared, literally overnight.
  • Provide stamina in intensive work, sport and study: Apart from trying to be super mom and boss of the year, I was also running regularly to try and shed those post pregnancy kilos and often found myself sluggish and dreading my next run due to the lack of energy. About 10 days after taking Bio-Strath, I was on top form again and able to better all my running times and distances which left me motivated and able to get closer to my goal weight quicker.
  • Support Recovery during and after convalescence: The typical cold and flu that one gets is over so much quicker and the bonus is that it actually works for that dreaded, life stands still man flu too, which my husband can testify to.
  • Restore Vitality: Big tick. This was my main reason for trying it out and the main reason that I love it and continue to use it. Every day I have a feeling of wellness which is never ending.

Bio-Strath review by BabyYumYumBecause Bio-Strath is safe for all ages – from pregnancy, babies to the elderly – you literally need only one product in the household. The adults range comes in two  forms – an Elixir and tablets – depending on which is easier to take. Bio-Strath tablets are made from special yeast extract & natural binding so suitable for diabetics, vegans & people with coeliac disease. The children’s range is in the elixir form. I take the elixir neat, my husband takes the tablets, my 3 year old has the elixir mixed in with her orange juice and I give it to my new born baby on her dummy. Since it doesn’t contain any synthetic colourings, artificial sweeteners preservatives, stimulants or banned substances, I am happy to give it to my children.

What effects it has on my kids

My 3 year old doesn’t come home from school with a snotty nose so often, the afternoon sleeps became less and not so desperate, and she settles down so much easier at bed time instead of being hyper. My baby is less niggly and has a better sleep routine. Her bad nappy rash seemed to disappear overnight as well. Studies in children have shown that children started out drawing dull and sad pictures and after taking Bio-Strath for a 2 month period then drew bright , happy and colourful pictures. Many parents swear by it to assist with the management of their children’s ADD/ADHD.

My baby is less niggly and has a better sleep routine. Her bad nappy rash seemed to disappear overnight as well.

My beautiful peacock, Reggie, arrived in my garden one day with lots of missing feathers on his neck, with tail feathers looking scraggly and lacking lustre. Because Bio-Strath is natural, I thought what harm could it pose to my peacock? So I simply poured some of the elixir over his food and within one month, his neck feathers had grown back and his tail was stunning. Wow!

What’s also great is that Bio-Strath is suitable for vegetarians as it is all natural.

Bio-Strath is available from all from all pharmacies and health shops and is priced around R70 for the 100ml adults and the children’s Bare Necessities Elixir with the tablets selling at about R160 for 100 tablets.

Bio-Strath review by BabyYumYumI cannot stress to you how AMAZING this product is and it has given me back full power, full focus, full time allowing me to live my life to the fullest !

For more information check out

WIN with Bio-Strath! We love this product so much, we want to give 10 readers a hamper worth R400 each, so you can try it for yourself and see the benefits of taking Bio-Strath. With winter approaching, we believe taking a supplement is essential, especially as it’s cold and flu season. To enter, leave a comment below on our blog, telling us the reason why you and your family would like to try Bio-Strath. If you already use Bio-Strath, we would love to hear how it has helped you get back to living life to the fullest. Giveaway ends Wednesday, 25 May 2016 and the 10 winners will be randomly selected and announced on our Facebook page. Entries limited to 1 per person. SA entrants only.


  1. I am so tired and i do need something to get me on the go and concentrating. Don’t know if it is old age. Kids need it to study and i think it will be great for them @matrixalive

  2. I’ve been using Bio-Strath for about 2-1/2 months now and I’ve found it to consistently bring up my energy level during the day whenever it starts to drop down to sleepiness. No side effects like with coffee that I’ve noticed. Good energy, but not hyper.

  3. Great product – I just started taking this 4 days ago and must say it is an incredible product – very true to what the manufacturer says. Another ‘must have’. I have been have sleeping problems and lately sinus and allergy isssues and Bio-Strath not only took care of them all but also improved my general well being. This product goes to work immediately.

  4. My 16 yr old ADD son has been on these for 2 weeks. I’ve tried many products for him and he usually gags!! Not only is he happy about taking these but he and his teachers all notice a difference. He is paying attention in school and I have not had to chase him out of bed and into the car to get him there. Also good value for the money. We love it!

  5. Our family could really use this Bio-Strath hamper! I’m a Mom to a snotty toddler and a newborn and am constantly exhausted. I really need to get myself right before going back to work once my maternity leave is over! My husband is very stressed and I think that this would give him more energy and a better outlook. Please pick us!

  6. Both hubby and myself are shift workers and we have a teenage daughter as well as a toddler in crèche. I think Bio- Strath would be the perfect product to boost our immune systems as well as our energy levels.

  7. Being a student is tough with assignments, tests and exams. I could use something that will increase my energy levels and concentration

  8. My family and I would love to try Bio-Strath. I’m a student and work part time, my husband works full time mon-sat and we have 2 kids grade 1 and grade 3. We are extremely busy and most times feel to exhausted to have family time this just might be the product that gives us the boost we need.

  9. Wow great giveaway would love to try a mom and a house wife i need the energy and my kids need this to get a open mind with the studies

  10. my son uses Bio Strath every day. He has dificulty concentrating in school and at home. He also used to get sick so often and would be so lethargic. My friend suggested Bio Strath, and I have never looked back. He is paying attention in class, performing better, is happy to wake up in the mornings and has been less ill since taking it. He even remembers to take the tablets without me reminding him!

  11. We would love to try it i am a single mom with 3 little ones age 5,4 and 18 months i truly am constantly tired! The 2 oldest are almost always snotty and very picky eaters would love to try Bio-Strath on them as well, maby there is light at the end of the tunnel!

  12. Our family could use a boost. Our 8 month old is keeping us busy and up at night. He constantly has a runny nose and been sick. I am exhausted and i desperately need something to get me back on track. And also to carry us through this dreadful winter time. This would help our family for sure.

  13. With a 4 yr old and a new baby in the house,I’m constantly exhausted. Have recently started using biostatistics tabs and can honestly say that I feel far better, more awake and my breastfeeding is improving with the help of this product..super thrilled. Just need to get hubby on board now..this hamper could do that for me..thanks for the opportunity xx

  14. I am a first time mum to a six month old, a wife and a full time working mom. I permanently feel exhausted and like you, am desperate to find something that works 🙂 our whole family can benefit from this product

  15. Would love to try it to get that extra energy to be more productive in a day. Working parents with a one year old and two adult dogs that still think they puppies.

  16. I’ve used biostrath tablets before and its a great product would recommend it to anyone for themselves and there kids, really good for brain function and energy levels in healthy way want to use elixir now for my family thanks biostrath for making such a good product

  17. i would love to try it for my son, he has poor concentration and very much hyperactive, so think that this could be a solution.

  18. My whole family uses bio strath, not has it improved both my children’s concentration span and its full of vit, minerals etc , they are healthy and flu free!!! , Thanks to this wonderful miracle in a bottle.

  19. Sounds like a great product…I am a soon to be mom and hope that this will help me get through the rough days with the little extra boost.

    • I’m a new mom, my nunu is 8 months now, am also a stay home mom house duties and taking care of a forever energetic person is Exhausting. Sometimes Im so exhausted just wanna sit and scream to everyone. Would like to give biostrath a try.

  20. I have a 10 year old daughter and she has been taking the Bio Strath pills for about a year now. We have found that she concentrates better at school since taking the pills. From all the products we have tried this is the only product that we have seen positive and lasting results from. This is one product I will continue using for many years too come.

  21. As a mother of four i know with winter at our doorstep i have to be armed with bio-strath it always comes in very jandy for me and the kids, i’m very thankfull for it always

  22. I would love to try Bio-Strath for my whole family esp after reading this very informative article! Firstly cause iam always tired and nothing ever seems to help for longer than a few days, my son has exzema and concentration issues, my mum would love this for her hair n nails! Sounds simple brilliant!

  23. My 6 year old is in grade 1 and she has a problem concentrating/focusing in class…I am 30 weeks pregnant and I’m getting really stressed out everytime she brings home incomplete class work and messages calling me to school…I would love to try bio-strath for her so she doesn’t fall behind…she is my angel and I know she is capable of so much more…she just needs the right supplement…bio-strath could be the answer is have been looking for!

  24. I am a mom to a 20 month old who seems to fall ill at the drop of a hat. Would love to try something new that would hopefully help to keep the illnesses at bay. But most importantly I would love some more energy. I feel like me tank is permanently on empty.

  25. Sound like this product might help us alot. We have tried many different vitamines for my son and us and nothing is working we all keep getting sick need to try this especially with a baby in the house

  26. Lovely review! This product sounds amazing 🙂 I would love to try Bio-Strath because I just had my second baby and I’m feeling so exhausted and drained; my eldest child is not used to the idea of having a baby sister and is misbehaving and constantly seeking my attention. I would like to use this product to increase my stamina and also to strengthen my son’s immune system so that he doesn’t get sick so often.

  27. Omg have to try Bio-Strath…my little girl now 6 months has been in hospital twice within the last 2 months with bad colds.. nothing seems to be working for her… defiantly want to try this for her and ourselves…hate having to put my baby on medication when there are natural ways to try stop the colds and flu’s and specially with winter rolling in, and hopefully help out with her snotty nose and get her to sleep easier… defiantly want to give bio-Strath a go not only for her but for us as well to help consintrate better at work and help fight off those germs…


  28. Bio-Strath is what we need to give my family that added speed.with winter right here and sniffs filling the air I need them to take on this flu and fight fair.Please pick us the Shaik bunch,we need this so very much!

  29. I would love to try biostrath for my daughter she picks up the cold and flu so easily at school so winter is such a strain on my medical fund to get medicines.

  30. TRYING!!! Yes trying my utmost to be the best and healthiest me but sometimes life just knocks me off my feet ???? this amazing BIO-STRATH hamper and goodies will absolutely aid in achieving that healthier me and for my family ??☑ it’s very important to be that they live to the fullest and their best versions of themselves ??☑☑☑☑☑ so this would mean the world ? I don’t want it I NEED IT!!!!! ????

  31. I have heard so much about this product especially on ecr and i believe its awesome and would love the opportunity to try it out , esp for my kids who are in school , im sure it will help

  32. Incredible Review! Sounds like this is just what I need to help me get through a tough week. Also a mom to a busy hyper 5 year old and a active husband, sometimes i feel i just cant keep up with the phase of living today! I will have to get some Bio-strath to get me up and going again.

  33. This sounds great and I would love to try tthis out, mostly because of my sinus and sudden lack of energy lapses!


  35. I already use Bio Strath for my family.
    It improves their mental stamina and physical strength, especially during exam time.
    It works for my family so I swear by Bio Strath

  36. I need Bio-Strath in my life. I am constantly tired and need this amazing product to get me up and going. I also need this for my little girl so she can have a better sleep routine.

  37. I would love to try this products I get drained out with my 7 and 1 yr old. I need something to give me energy. Hopefully this product helps my 7yr build his weak immune system and prevent him from getting sick

  38. I would love to try it, My daughter was very sickly when she was born, and it has had a life long effect on our lives, and i would love to have her more healthy

  39. Wow amazing giveaway! I would love to give it a try for my whole family, I heard so much about it and my friend recommend this brand. I will be over the moon to win such healthy hamper

  40. My son has a concentration problem have tried so many products with no success, would love to win and give it a try

  41. Being a wife, mother, student, budding entrepreneur & pet owner is hard work. Add an autistic child to the mix and it gets even tougher. That was until Bio Strath came along and added that bit of magic to my hectic lifestyle. My family has been using Bio Strath for over a year now and lets just say that we are all alert, filled with zen like qualities and feeling mentally stimulated. My kids can concentrate better at school which is truly fantastic especially for the child who is Autistic. I feel energized on the mornings and studying for my final year Psychology exams is a breeze. It was a task before! I have a new sense of vigor and my smile echoes how I am feeling right now. Bio Strath works and it rocks my world for sure!

  42. I have porridge brain all the time and it is common in my family too so I would love to give this a try 🙂

  43. I’ve always wanted to try Bio-Strath. As a pregnant working mom and with 2 kids at home (one is 9 and the other just 2), life sometimes gets a bit hectic most days. I’m constantly tired, exhausted (mentally & physically). I need all the help I can get 🙂

  44. Bio-strath helps me focus on everyday activities. Being married, working full time and studying part time, I’ve made bio-strath the centre of my life and it makes a huge difference if I don’t take it. Thank you Bio-strath for keeping me awake and giving me the ability to perform my daily tasks. My husband is even a huge fan of this product. He ensures I have my bio-strath Every day

  45. My little girl is in gr1 and she is using bio Strath.. she is doing so well since she started using bio Strath. When I talk to the teacher and she says that my little one is doing so well my daughter can burst of pride. And it is all thanks to bio Strath

  46. My husband and I used it throughout our studies and it helped a great deal with memory concentration and retention. I swear by it all the time and I would really love to win this hamper because I don’t think we will ever stop studying, we are now embarking on a new certification together.

  47. Where do I begin – wow! Bio-Strath is a super human supplement 🙂 It is AMAZING. This product has helped me during my studies and I swear I completed my BCOM Degree because of taking this 100% natural nutritional supplement. I cannot describe the mental alertness, increased concentration and ability to retain and remember study material. It assists with amazing stamina and physical strength, full focus, and resilience. Thank you Bio-Strath, I grew up taking this during my teen years, have seen the incredible benefits with my both sisters as well. One is a Doctor and the other a Teacher and I am a Practitioner myself now and I swear by this product and am using it in my own home now. The legacy will live on 🙂

  48. I use Bio-strath for my little girl since she was 4 months old. Shes turning 6 and I’m not one day disappointed in this product. She is reaching her milestones quicker than she should, she brings home amazing reports, she’s doing wonderful in sport and there’s so much more I can name and I thinks it’s all because of Bio-strath. Will suggest the product for everyone and would never stop using it. Bio-strath the best ever.

  49. As a mother of 4, I am now at the stage of calling all my kids the wrong name. Between work and homework, projects and family time, I am drained. Kids can be a help and other times a frustration. My big son is hyperactive and a busybody. I He is constantly on the go and other kids are always complaining that he irratates them. My husband works and spends time after work. I would love to try this product for my mental state and my sons hyperactivety.

  50. I’ve been using biostrath and it works wonders in terms of energy and mental alertness. Been having a hectic week and just realised that I need to get some biostrath.. I completely forgot that my son that’s in school can take it for concentration. Would love to use it on my 2, 5 yr old daughter, she’s hyperactive. I’m sure it’ll help with her tantrums also.

  51. Great review! Would love to know what it feels like to not be tired!! I have a three year old and im almost sure he took my memory/ brains along with him when he was born.
    We will have to start using this product, especially with the cold weather already starting.

  52. Wow? thanks for the powerful comment. Like I said I did try to use the tablets n stil feels sleepy.. I love the fact that it is natural and free from artificial.
    With me and my family together we will be feeling awesome because my husband work is so demanding and strenuous daily and my son of 5years will be able to get boosted in his body for school and the extra mural activities that make him run away because he is tired and find it hard to concentrate.

    Let the Bio-strath bring joy to me and my family so that our mentality can be balanced and the kids Holistic development on tracks!

  53. My grade 3 son was having a hard time with concentration in school so I started using Bio-strath and found it made a huge difference he started concentrating better in school

  54. I would love to try Biostrath..

    My poor son is 15 and is always on the go. He plays a lot of school sport and on the weekend does cycling. He also has a heavy workload and is battling to cope. He is permanently tired and grumpy. He needs help and I would love to get him energized and ready to cope with the June exams.

  55. My grandkids 4 of them all have Bio-strath , it has help them to concentrate in the classroom .they are doing very well in their exams .now that I am aging and losing memory so I’ve started also taking bio-strath .its excellent .If I win I’ll shares with my nieces

  56. Wow would love to try this… With being a full time working mom its hard to get the flu and make sure the family is looked after

  57. It’s a fantastic product I’m a single mommy and it helps with giving me the much needed energy I require,my daughter is studying and has been taking bio strath since school days and continues to do so she is at-university now, it’s effective and we highly Recommend it.

  58. It’s a good Supplement, Mineral, Vitamins and Complete Food Supplement as well.

    I have promoted this Product in Pakistan in 2007-2009 and now i am trying to import but unfortunately company is may not interested to export in Pakistan.

    If any company read this message please contact me.

  59. Hi, I would like to try Bio Strath, but unsure which one to with. I would like to increase my energy levels, and for my son of 9 that has a crazy schedule and is battling with concentration. I would also like to put my 6 year old daughter on something as well. Is there 1 product we all can take, which would be recommended. Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Tamara 🙂 We have got in touch with Bio-Strath and they have an answer for you: Bio-Strath is one product that is suitable for the whole family and people of all ages. It is available in a syrup and tablet form – both formats work in the same way and depending on your preference you can take either or. For children under six years of age we recommend Bio-Strath Bare Necessities syrup.


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