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Isn’t it strange that breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world and has been practiced since the inception of life on our planet as we know it, yet breastfeeding is rather technical and society has placed so many demands on the modern women that she not only expects things to assist her in this breastfeeding position but she also demands it from big baby supplies brands?

nuk breast feeding rangeSo because it’s a company that wants the best for its customers and the moms that use its breast milk storage containers and other baby items, NUK offers a complete range of breastfeeding accessories to make the journey of breastfeeding easier and more enjoyable.

nuk nipple shieldApart from a wide range of manual and automatic breast pumps of an excellent quality (which happen to attach to the full range of NUK’s breast milk storage containers, other wise known as bottles) one of the excellent items offered in the range is a nipple shield. For those of you that don’t know what a nipple shield is let me elaborate: have you ever had such raw, dry and bleeding lips that absolutely no amount of lip cream or moisturiser could soothe or heal them?

sore nipple

Well that’s exactly what a nipple shield assists with. When your nipples are so sore and tender, a nipple shield is a soft flexible piece of plastic, in the case of NUK it is Silicone, that fits over the nipple and areola area and allows for your baby to still latch and drink in milk from your nipple, without having direct contact with your nipple. This allows your nipples to produce, yet heal at the same time. Absolutely brilliant! I never had to personally use a nipple shield during my breastfeeding journey, but I know that many swear by them and often extends the time that a mother chooses to breastfeed for. What’s so great about the NUK ones is that they also are similar to a mothers actual nipple and their bottle teats, reducing confusion for baby.

breastfeeding meme

nuk breast padsNext in the range are breast pads, which until you have had a baby, you are not quiet sure what they are for, and some dads without first hand knowledge may just think that they make for nice cup coasters or screen cleaners.
You don’t actually realise how vital  these are after your milk comes in and this liquid gold just pours from your nipples, sporadically throughout the day leaving lovely wet patches on your top. Not only do the pads prevent milk from leaking through (like a sanitary pad for your boobs), but they also absorb the excess milk helping your nipples stay dry. However, it is very important to remember to change these pads very often to prevent infection from bacterial build up.

nuk milk storage bagSomething that no breastfeeding, working mother or mom with loads of milk cannot go without is breast-milk storage bags.
These allow you to do “something” with this milk after you have pumped/expressed it. These bags are leak proof and once filled with breast-milk are zip-locked and placed in the fridge or freezer to use at a later date.


They also have a space to write the date of when the milk was expressed so that your milk is always fresh. Each bag takes about 180ml, which is a lot and can easily be poured into bottles without spilling your efforts. And the best part is that you just toss them away after use. No washing and drying!!!

But what I do love best about the NUK Breastfeeding Range is that you are assured of excellent quality items, made out of the best quality materials and that they are very easily and widely available. This complements the same sentiment on their bottles, which are so modern in design, yet are backed by years of research, as well as, moms and babies needs being taken into account.  Often moms like to stick to one brand which they are familiar with and if you are that mom then the NUK Breastfeeding Range and accessories will suit you.

Its actually so simple!!!!

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  1. Well my story goes like this. My sister in law and I went shopping with the kids, I made sure that my baby girl was fed and happy so off we went. Now through most of the shopping she slept. In the very last shop she decided to wake up and demand to be fed asap. Now there was no place for me to sit or go, so I stood right there in the aisle I of the shop, lifted up my top, whipped put my boon and began feeding. My sister in law tried to help with covering me up but my daughter was having now of that, she just kept pulling the blanket off. Now I have no skam to feed any where, but the poor agents in the shop didn’t know where to look or hide they were so shocked, don’t think their wife’s were too impressed with me giving their husbands a free show…

  2. Us new mommies are tired most of the time, hardly having any time for ourselves, because of spending all our time ,love and attention on our babies ❤ this often makes us tired 🙈.
    My funny/embarrassing story would have to be when i was so tired one night and just got my manual pump ready and started pumping out my milk, with my eyes busy closing from how tired i was 😂
    Only to hear my hubby laughing. So i asked him what the joke is, and he told me i must look down. I then saw the milk being pumped out on the blanket without the bottle attached to the pump like it should be 😂🙈

  3. When my daughter was little, her dad- who was shirtless- laid her on his chest. She latched onto him so quickly. I’ve never seen someone more terrified in their life😂😂😂😂😂 #ManBoob


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